Alliance Merge

Hello Founders/ Generals, 

We are looking to merge with another alliance.

We have 19 great members with the following characteristics:

All members either speak or know English, so communication is clear. 
All but 7 players  donate 750K +
All but 5 players are at Level 100+. 
Members cover all key time-zones, including US, Europe, South-East Asia, & Australia. 
Players are highly committed, who donate daily & participate actively in all events. 

We have 30 spots that we can make available to accommodate the new members. I have generals who want to step down and be soldiers, so if your generals/sergeants want to stay generals/sergeants that is fine.



If we are to leave our alliance for another then we seek to merge as a team (19 members) with an alliance that has the following characteristics:  

An ethical leadership. 
English-speaking members (for team bonding). 
Alliance rank 300 +
Elite boosts ( archers, canons, ogres, wolf, monks)  

Respond here, or send in game message to Danielasaurus or KalishaT 

My team Genie and master might be interested to take you in. We are alliance level 64, play in top tier of conquest and have almost same boosts as you have. We boost ogres, while your team boosts monks instead. Of course it’s no problem to activate monks also.

Our players are also from all over the world. We also have a second team called dot (Genie and Master.), where the lower or less active players can join. In our main team we provide you our veteran knowledge, we will help players to grow, teach them to improve their defense.

Coming back on conquest, like I said we play in top tier and secured all conquest boosts, remember that those are the strongest in the game.

We play for fun, no cash needed. Family life comes first, no need to be married to the game. Having said that, our members are dedicated to the game and will do their best to make new members feel home. When needed, we will help newcomers to improve both defense and offense.

Our phoebe is level 2, not that it’s important to have that beast in defense, better is it to have a strong defense.

If you are interested, please feel free to PM me.

We can also arrange that a couple of your members visit us, so that you can see if we are the team you might be looking for.

Regards, Jack, better known as Dena4

Hello Edwards, GOLDEN KNIGHTS team will be happy to talk with you about a possible merge,  We are lvl67,  we already have monk,wolf,cannon, ogre, knight and mass hysteria ( lvl4 usually) as permanent boosts,  we intend to chose a new permanent boost in few days once the university ( conquest) will be lvl8, we have all buildings lvl8 except the university we like all the events and the conquests very much. Power Archer can be our next boost. if you join us the daily donation will increase (53mil right now) and we could have a double boost on archer (power + pro archer ) and maybe one or more boost too… Our phoebe is lvl2 for now, we work to get it to lvl3, We  always unlock all pro boosts. Our team is friendly, supportive and very active, usually 90%+ participation in all events!

Good luck in finding a good team, hope we are that team!

My IGN  Skummpik69, 



Nice Invitation. But, your level and rank is too high to take his team in. You already have many players, but he wants to take his whole team in, and you don’t have that space. I recommend that you try a merger with a high level alliance.

You may be interested in joining with Usachan world. It is a level 70 alliance, with a good leader. Usachan used a lot of money in the alliance, but the players did not support him. They have some awesome generals, who will help you in every case. They keep all the boosts active, that you want to have. Phoebe is ready. If you want to perform a merger, talk to poocha or King Aditya Kumar (me, an old member, tasked to recruit players).

Don’t you think he considered this before making the offer?  Why are you trying to speak for him?  He put it out there for the original poster as an offer to accept or decline, not for you to butt into it.  Recommend your own alliance (whichever it is- HamburgStars or Usachan), but it’s rude to speak for another alliance you are not part of.

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That kid acts like he knows everything, while in fact he is still wet behind his ears. 

Being kicked from Hamburg stars for reason I know, but I will not share here. 

Like I said, truth will haunt you, told you to be fair, play open cards and to be honest. A well meant advice, which you ignored. 

Usachan is full of low level players, which will be kicked if they decide to move there. That kid doesn’t care. 

It’s up to the topic starter, they should decide where they feel comfortable, that’s what matters.

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Better you keep your mouth shut Dena. Usachan is kicking out only inactives, who don’t online continuously for 3 days. Don’t come in other’s matters. No one likes you in the game. I got only bad reviews about you, whom I asked. No one likes you on forums. You think that you are ruler of the forums, but you are not. If you a single word against me, it would not be good for you. Better you understand. Don’t quote me or reply to me. Stay away. I stay away from you, and better you stay away from me.

I was respecting you from many days, whatever you speak. But, now, it is unbearable. I cannot bear you anymore. I didn’t say anything about you. You cannot behave as you wish. I hope you understand.

I say, they already have good players. Golden Knights have only a few places left. If they merge with their 19 players, it will be rude for players in Golden Knights, as they will be kicked out. You all didn’t understand things completely and starts bargaining. 

Now the heat is under your feet, you try to search for excuses. I would say, wash your mouth young man, what I quoted here is unacceptable from your side. You can be glad I didn’t give any details of your attitude.

Hey guys, back to topic please.

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Hi All, 

Thank you for all your responses and interest in our alliance. We have made our decision. 

Dear Edwards Chelsea  from WKP-Team,

We will be happy to take in all your members and provide them a new warm and friendly home In Genie & Master



Genie & Master. (with the dot) :slight_smile:

We were an active alliance, yet the leader & others went inactive. There are 5 of us who log on regularly and at least one big spender; we are looking to either have others come to our rebuilding alliance or merge with another. Let me know. Alliance Level 35:

You can join usachan world.
It is a level 70 alliance and they will be happy to take you all.
The leader is awesome…