*Alliance Merger* (Chile Medieval)

So this is a bit different than the normal requests…but we have taken a knock with members due to inactivity. We have 13 Active members but can’t hold up in wars due to being outnumbered. 

Our levels range between 60-98.

English and Spanish members  

Myself and Another member use gem donations a lot.

Our Alliance is level 18 but can level up.

If you are a smaller active alliance like us and want to merge let me know.

Kind Regards

Evil Clam

What if we are a bigger alliance :)? I have a dream of jumping all the way up to 45+ active members from our current 29, which may be feasible should you be interested in this kind of stuff.

P.S. This is simply an interest check at this point, no concrete details.

As long as you can accommodate ± 13 players ? No real rush, but I like the idea of having a big Alliance as then blessing are easier to maintain! Keep me informed mate.