Alliance merger

I know that RR2 was released a few years ago, and now flare support more players that have higher level or using p2w in all its glory, but there are still some players that are enjoy more social part of game (making new in game friends, giving advice to each other ect.).

Low-level players in their alliances, and those whose alliances are falling apart have feelings that they are mean nothing. Thats why some alliances are making fusions where all members of one alliance are moving to second alliance. The problem is that in this way thay are losing all their resources (collected gold and pals donated for beasts) and that is sad. You can say “it’s only a game” and it is true, but losing anything always causes  some sad feelings.

Thats why i came up with idea of “alliance merger” option in game. It could help team up with other alliances in easy way. Players would prevent from feeling that their previous work was for nothing and become discouraged of game.

In that option, as i mentioned before, there could resources could be transferred (if not all, then at least some part of them), and if alliance that is going to be closed reached some higher level then even second alliance could get some extra number of alliance levels according to Einstein ond other scientists calculations and theories that in universe “nothing disappear but can only change its form” :slight_smile: .

What you think about that?

This would create a situation where many would complain. For example, what happened to all the remaining players who are not included in the new merger?

There may be players who donated lots of gold and pals but can’t join the new merger because there’s limited space. How do you resolve this? 

In addition, a rogue player could merge their alliance with another, kick everyone out of it, and get all the benefits for no work, completely screwing everyone else and possibly making them quit the game. It’s a good idea in theory but not so great in practice.

This you resolve like we actually did. We saved gold and let others wait inside the team that is willing to send their members over. We created new spots by leveling up, but for that you need gold in reserve. So practically send over players with high donation and skip seasons to save gold for upgrading the team.

We already had a lot of gold in reserve, so we could create enough spots for the players willing to come over and join us without skipping a season. 

I assumed that mergers could be done in case when ALL MEMBERS will agree fot this.

The reason i wrote this topic is that me and my alliance are in such positon. Our alliance is dying, but we have friendly alliance we could merger with. We talked with them, and we all wanted do team up.
We sent some tickets to support, but they respond that  this will be unfair  to make a change solely for our alliances and only way to hel us will be post such topic and find support fron other users.

It would be unfair. Everyone else just moves over to the new alliance, as normal. Will you lose some progress? Sure but it’s not like you individually are losing anything. Think of as the cost of merging. 

Think it would create only a mess and could be unfair to the rest of players who upgraded their alliances as one alliance, not a merge with another one with their resources.

You can’t just see it from your point of view, but from the system’s point of view, i.e whether it can be exploited.


For example, if the game system allows it only if all existing members voted for the merger, it can still be exploited by kicking all who don’t agree first. At the end of the day, there will still be members who will complain.