Alliance name and IGN copy and paste function

I need an alliance name ,IGN copy and paste function.
I think we need everyone.
Chinese, Japanese, Hindu, Hangul ,Thai ,Vietnamese etcetc
Search for those alliances and players.
Or make it easier to say hello or instructions in chat.
I think that alliance names , IGN ,alliance signboards …also need copy and paste functions.

That would be incredibly useful, I second that


Thank you.
How to always type a special language name…
I am working hard on every conquest.
I remembered that I wanted to make this proposal, so I made a request without forgetting now.


I agree, so we can share the name of someone who is attaking us with our teammates when that name is in a language not supported by our keyboard.


These would be one of those big quick win changes!

You got my thumbs up :wink:


search player , alliance by country flag is very interesting

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We can do it right now i bet( players for sure)

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