Alliance pages

Royal Revolt Staff,


Is is possible to setup a space within the forum where Leaders can create an alliance page (or thread)?  I’d like to share info and get my soldiers a common place to get information about us.


I believe that especially at first you will only get a handful of Leaders with the motivation to start and manage their own page so I don’t believe that it will get out of control too quickly


I like the chat feature and use it a lot.  It can be hard to fit everything you want to say in such a small space and I want to make sure I’m sending the same consistent message to everyone.  I also have a spreadsheet that I’d like to share.


Of course this can be done elsewhere (like Facebook) but I think its in everyone best interest (including Flaregames) to keep players within the forum where everyone is hopefully enjoying the game 



I’m sorry to have locked the other topic, but your “understood” sentence leads me to a misunderstanding…


So (I write with bulleted list only to be as clear as possible :grinning:


  1. if you want you can open a page with your alliance name as done by other leaders under the area “Alliances and Recruitment” and share whatever you want


  1. if you want to discuss with other Leaders about whatever you want, you can use the topic I mentioned in the other topic


  1. if you want a specific/reserved area for your/other alliance I think this would be really hard to obtain…





No problem.  I posted a recruitment topic for my alliance (NATO) and have gotten responses.  I’ll use that.


Ideally it would be a space where I can invite only specific players (basically my alliance) but that’s ok.  I don’t plan on sharing anything that isn’t public anyways. 


Thanks for putting in this alliance feature.  I quit this game over the summer because it just got boring playing by myself.  You have definitely breathed new life into it and taken it to a whole new level.