Alliance Party ... again?

Well, with the great amount of gems we got from the conquest we can now upgrade our ally tower again - after the ally party last week. But watch out! Since we are all rich now, it’s only 30% discount instead of 50% …


I have a good idea for an event. Blacksmith event, but instead of paying with pearls, you have to pay with gems

I take issue with this. I got less than 100 gems, which covers about 2 revives, maybe 3. I net lost gems in this conquest.

We used to have something called a blacksmith event, but people asked for it so they got rid of it

Yes, we got only 70-80 gems. Flare should add about 4 legendry get chests. As we are fighting for long.

As a way to put in a lot of donation

For example, I plan to concentrate on daily gem.

I can donate 15 more times a month with a daily gem (1500 gem).

22500K・・・(1500K X 15time)

Even with alliances that do not do Alliance-Subscription, you can easily donate a lot with your own will.

There was no tax + 40% for the last adviser event. This time there is tax + 40%.

I welcome this alliance party event. 

At least alliance gold will be somewhat refilled by 40% extra donation. It’s not as bad as it looks like, this event. 

No one had any gems left after conquest… lol and we surely did not win any during or after the event … soooo hummmm

Yeah, I’m totally rich. I took, like, 5k of gems in my reward chest.


I think I am lucky then the majority got 50-80. I got over 200 :slight_smile:

I also need. I feel a bit jealous/