Alliance party is lame and disappointing!

Why only 20% discount on allitower upgrade?

I recall the good old times when 25% and even 30% were offered.

Flares, you disappoint again. Greed for cash has done it again. Lame event!

I think it has always been 20% discount or at least most of the time.

You might be referring to a  big Halloween event when all discounts were higher that usually, AT discount back then was at 30% discount.

Yes, the last few alliance parties (at least those i could find on Official Announcements) were 20%. But there were events of 25-30% in the past, not only the latest Halloween.

When you make a specialized event on Alliance issues, one would expect a maximal discount, not just another symbolic lame event.

It matters when we want to save each and every gem in our reserves.



No Edward, since the  very beginning AT discount was 20%. All  official announcments you can find on forum are actually about all events that took place in game. First Alliance Party took place in May 2015 (I couldn’t find it on forum), but 2nd event took place in November 2015 (and it is on forum - 20% discount). Every other post about Alliance Event included 20% off.  If you remember 25% or 30% discount, maybe there was another event similar to Halloween one which offered a bit higher discount. Anyway, 20% is the standard discount, anything higher than that takes place during some special events.

Mag, this event is useless and lame. I have just now wasted 200 more gems than really needed.

Free players always wait for the appropriate events to use their hard earned gems. This event sucks.

If  you don’t like the event that doesn’t even need to be in the game just ignore it and upgrade your AT at full price.

First you complain about the discount which you thought used to be higher but it wasn’t, now you complain about the whole event itself.

“Free players always wait for the appropriate events to use their hard earned gems. This event sucks.”

This event is lame and sucks because it offers 20% discount to AT which helps not only free players but all players ?

Yeah, better not to have any event and pay a full price.




Mag, this s not what i meant and you know it very well. You have interpreted it wrong. Nobody wants to upgrade at full price. All are waiting for these events. But most of them disappoint again and again.

One thing you are right. Many of the events are to be ignored.

But why you call this event a disappointment ? This is something I don’t understand. You either have a full price to pay or 80% of the price to pay and it is still disapointing or lame ?

This event maybe bad for an individual player at the top level, but for small alliances and new players it is great. There was a time when I used to look forward only to this event. I found Uber Granny was the worst, but in fact for some it was useful.

For me, uber granny is the only one I don’t care about.

Community Week and Halloween Event have spoiled you! :stuck_out_tongue:   

Haha, indeed… :slight_smile: And not only me…

Probably we could have a reduced cost only for elite boost ACTIVATION. Say 50%, NOT"PROLONGING" since it is Alliance Party. Must have a treat as well. :rolleyes: 

Loosen up Mag, Christmas is coming soon. The whole Europe are already celebrating. You’re too serious. Don’t be Flares Lawyer :slight_smile:

Lols, says the person who created a topic to complain for the sake of complaining.

Yes I did. But didn’t do it for me only. Did it for the whole human race :slight_smile:

Not for everyone, I was able to upgrade high level towers with all the Uber chest. We had many players pick up SP perk in them. The Alliance also picks up a lot more gold today.


William, many of your members invest a lot of cash in buying gems all the time. During events and at regular times as well. So you all get chests at the alliance events. But this should be relevant for top 50 alliances mostly. What about the rest 15,000 alliances and their members?

So, maybe it will be more correct to state “useless for the vast majority”.

I have upgraded allitower at this event, so yes, have used this offered discount. But still not happy with the cost. I do remember different events with 25% and 30% discounts. Maybe not alliance parties though.

I appreciate the event.  20% off is great! 

Me too, but it could be much better and extra left gems for any of us would be much more appreciated.

You’re right, we had one guy that bought 5 big gem packs. But even if you don’t spend like crazy it’s better than nothing. I have a max AT so the event has no appeal for me other than the gold boosts and Uber. Most free players are limited on workers  with 20℅ off discount and time discount I see this more geared to free players vs paid players.