Alliance Party Upbeat Suggestion

I think we could add one more thing to the alliance party event to make it even more awesome! Why not allow members to donate two times per day. Once every 12 hours! Tell me what you think as I know some will disagree

Interesting in 4 years no one have think about this. Good idea :slight_smile:

So if someone was by example at 250k and up at 500k and its a Alliance Party. This player help the team with his double donation period.

Good help for low Alliance level who want to grow fast

Also if the player want to give more than double can take this event to give more and spend gems and skip the cooldown

The name said all its a Alliance Party so this event should help alliance to develop faster in level

The thing is good, the problem is that Flare has come already to a solution for this…


…Alliance sub is the way