Alliance party.

Hi. When the alliance party begins. We need it in the near future.

Yeah, I agree. I’ve been waiting for forever for another Alliance Party!

The last alliance party was in August.


When is this event finally coming?

We’ve had all of the others: Castle, Pal, Offense, Defense… damn, we even had a new Conquest event!

Those may all be good, but can you please share some love for members trying to help?

Not everyone has a maxed Alliance Tower and some really want to help more, but without this event…

Please forward our “wish” to the devs team Madlen.

Thanks in advance.

I understand why an expert wants blacksmith events. Because professional equipment gathers up.

There are many people who do not need anything else.
But it is not enough for beginners alone.

Would you like to take the form of a blacksmith event +  (Alliance Party/ Boost of Defense or Offense / Castle Festival /GRAMMY) in parallel?


Hi there,

I am sorry, but we will only communicate the dates for this kind of events in the game to make this viewable for all players and to avoid miscommunication.

However, I have defo forwarded the wish for an alliance party.

Thank you!

Not right now not really the right moment. You should wait to give us Alliance Party in January and not before or its gonna be a waste. December will give huge phenomenal gems so every person will benefit of Alliance Party more in January. Thanks

I don’t want to wait 2019 for the next alliance party. I wish instead a community week during Xmas holidays.


You surely don’t think 7 gems a day fo each “enchanted gem chest” (green)…

Is gonna be the leverage to let you upgrade your AT?

Win a gold league for 75 gems and you got yourself 10 of those foolish chests.

PS: Please give us an Alliance Tower event! Christmas is coming so I bet some players without gems may even buy them just to upgrade it. (Just a tip for Flare :grinning: )

There are a number of members waiting for next alliance party from months before…  Hope to see the active flag this week.   :slight_smile:

Don’t give too many tips to flare.  They could become too rich?

Besides not being an AT event…

Got jinxed in the worse possible way:

Finished a dungeon and used the worker…

Only for this banner to appear 5 mins after.

Thanks Flare, really appreciate it 

I am waiting for an alliance event from autumn to increase it to the maximum. granny event it’s not even funny already 


I don’t like waiting for the next alliance party in 2019. I’m really losing the patience. Actually granny event is useful for me only to buy inventory slots at a lower price.

I take back what I said about the event.

I saw that you reduced my current worker cooldown from 18 days… to an awesome 1day only!

So I gotta be fair and say:

Thank you very much Flare, that was a really awesome move! :slight_smile:  

I have said this at the moment I have 350 gems and get with chests and league reach 700 gems but now I lose all 0 gems. I say I hope the other get a Alliance party before 2019. Still to me all the gems with voucher that i don’t have touch. With 11k voucher I can buy them and uprade my alliance tower.

So let’s go for a community weeks next weeks please with AT event