Alliance player lost gems (without using them)

Hello @CaptainMorgan @oisia

One of my alliance players had gem problems for the second time, they just disappeared!
The first time we thought he had spent them, but no!
Now it happened again, he was with 1000 gems and saving to raise the level of the Uranus Hall and today when he entered the game only had 5 gems in his account, the second time with no explanation are gone!
My friend’s cell phone is new.

How can we solve these problems, because he said that if they do not solve, he will stop playing.

waiting for an answer.

@Mgh15 could you please provide your friend’s in-game name?

@CaptainMorgan this is my friend’s name. I will be very grateful if you solve this problem. 

@Mgh15 brionac has been opening Titan Chests for 500 Gems each, this is where the Gems have been used. The last one was opened at 9am UTC yesterday, before that they had 511 Gems.


Thanks for the clarification, I’ll talk to him.
Ask if wife or children used the cell phone at some point.

Thank you one more time.

Regards Mgh15

You’re very welcome.