Alliance polls and alliance elite chat

Hello, I have two suggestions.

1.What you think about alliance polls to check what others think about any decision, like buy any boost or to discard any person . Ofcourse last decision still is Leader and Generals, but you can check easy what others think about it.


  1. What you think about private leader and generals chat?

I like both ideas.

Love the second idea!

I like both ideas.

both of them have been suggested a lots of time but still did not got implemented. I liked the first idea though it will be helpful in holding elections!! But I wont know how it will work ingame :stuck_out_tongue:

both good ideas 2nd one has been said alot tho the alliance am in am a general and how we chat freely without other members sein is i add other generals n leader to friends list and private chat there its a good tip while flare work on making a separate chat if they are thinking bout it ?

yes for both ideas

yes i agree for both especially the second is very important.