Alliance Quests (like the dungeons for the alliances though)

As yet another user who’s completed all the dungeons. 

I’d love to see Flare add a new set of quests where the alliances could play together as a team maybe in groups of 4 or 5 raiding more epic dungeons patrolled by dragons!


(Note I’d say something other than dungeons, but I’d learned we have a lot of Royal Revolt conservatives here who don’t like to hear new ideas.)

I like this, I’ve tought that raiding at the same time with friends must be very fun.

By the way, I bet you included me on your “consevative” group :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 !!!

its fun to have some action together with our alliance member

atm, only war where we need to work together as a team


A slight variation here could be that there is a leader in this raid (decided by the team). The team has 5 members and each of them contribute their best item for the raid to the leader.

The game mechanics remains the same. 3 units/spells.

The loot then is shared by the team.


Or Flare creates new dungeon series and removes all boosted defenders from the 1st series.


If I hear you right you just turned this into one guy raiding a dungeon using other gear from other players.  Albeit most likely the highest level player would be leader.  And his gear would be the highest level gear so he wouldn’t want to use anybody else’s gear.  So it would just be one guy raiding a dungeon with his own gear which we already have.  So you literally just turned the idea into nothing.

Not exactly. You see if you want a multi-player scenario, it’s quite difficult with the current setting. There is only one path. Its highly unlikely for Flare to change the scenario for now.


Regarding the team, you don’t have to be a top member to be in a team. Everybody can choose 5 members. Criteria’s can vary to be a leader/team etc.


What if a member is weak and makes his team. He may need items to raid the dungeon?


I understand it would take work for them to implement this.  (My former job was a video game programmer.) 

But your idea seems worse than just asking please add more dungeons. 

Because I would have to log on to let someone use my armor and hope they did well in the raid with it.  Yuck!

If they can’t give me a 5 man team/alliance raids.  I’d rather just have them give me more normal dungeons.

Well, it could be an exchange in that team. A 5 member team exchanging items/ donating items, and everybody fights. 


Just my thought.


That’s not a team.  You just created a temporary armor exchange only for specific uses. 

I don’t think that’s something anyone’s really looking for.

I like this idea. It could be fun, even though I know it is stolen straight from other apps. However, since a team of 5 kings, or even 3 kings, is extremely powerful (you can block 3x as many skull bombs, etc), I think that SCROLLS AND REVIVES SHOULD BE DISABLED FOR THESE RAIDS. If a king dies, the other kings just have to struggle their way through without him. What do you think? :slight_smile: