alliance ranks

I think there should be more ranks than soilders genrals an leaders. Maybe add captain’s Sargeant s ect… I would like to reward members of my alliance who help fight in wars an donate gold to are lvl by promoting them but I dont want all generals in my alliance lol

what would these extra ranks be for??


is it just so they aren’t labeled as a soldier??

Thank you another person to agree, I believe there should be the more commonly known of Lieutenant who can primarily recruit and maybe level up the Alliance but cannot kick out players for those you trust but don’t really know.  Maybe they can declare a war as another function but not full scale General for the purpose you can’t always completely trust everyone in the event they kick someone or destroy the Alliance and for those who don’t want so much responsibility and hardship.  Plus I feel that any Alliance that has more than maybe 3 Generals or at max 5 kind of waters down the real militaristic value or the rank if some do only certain functions or are there just to be there you know.

I think just one more rank would be enough, the new rank would accomplish little tasks, like inviting players.

Another idea would be in addition with or instead of the added ranks would be to create a checklist of items that only Leaders can adjust to allow a General or new rank to be able to recruit, to kick, to launch war, etc. other options to put more trust and power in some Alliance members and not have to worry completely about a overthrow or coup or accident while you’re gone.  Anyone else on the new idea or the previous one?

I agree. More ranks are a very good idea.

Yeah a " checklist" could be a concrete thing to do