Alliance ranks

What do the different ranks mean? 

Also do alliances fight each other?

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You can find detailed info about the Alliances here, including the Ranks:

There is no such thing as Alliance Wars for now, but stay tuned for news!

I don’t know if it’s been discussed before. If it’s done before please give me link to that thread. I searched it but could not get in search results.

what are the powers for general, officer and foot soldier in an alliance? 

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General:  This player is the owner of the Alliance and has all the power.

Officer:  As the right hand of the General, this player can recruit other players, kick players, spend the Gold stored in the treasury of the Alliance to activate Divine Blessings, or level up the Alliance. He cannot promote other players.

Footsoldier:  This player can donate to the Alliance and prolong or enable Divine Blessings, but he cannot level up the alliance. This player can invite new players to the alliance but cannot kick existing members.


More info can be reached here

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At what rank can you invite warriors to your alliance?

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Well when you are promoted to captain,officer or general rank then you can invite players from others Alliances to your Alliances.

Ranks follow this order in Olympus Rising,

1.Foot Solider (beginner’s Rank)

  1. Veteran 

  2. Captain

  3. Officer

5.General(owner Of a Alliance)

There is one more rank Founder which now longer exist in game. 

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Hi! About diving blessings… can someone whose rank is even a foot soldier activate a divine blessing? Or is it more of the amount of donation one achieves that activates a divine blessing? 

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@Percc, a divine blessing can be activated by a foot soldier, veteran or captain by donating using a credit card. It will only activate the blessing though. Prolonging the blessings is the job of the officers, general and the founder.

@Percc, Well this is what I have noticed because I tried it when I was a foot soldier in my old alliance. I donated 700,000 gold for $2 for Minotaur blessing but what my donation did was to only activate the Minotaur blessing for 8 hours so the rest of my gold just went to the alliance “bank” and so I asked the officers to prolong it. Now I am an officer in my current alliance and I can donate and prolong at the same time.

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