Alliance Rebuilding - Active Members - Smoking Aces

Hello - we have recently “kicked out” non active members, i.e. those who do not fight at least 3 times in each war.   We are looking for new members who will be active fighters and contribute gold regularly.  Generals are promoted based on their dedication to the alliance.

If you are an active player and want to be part of a alliance “resurrection” please apply to join.

Send me a Friend Request if you want more information.

If you are not an active player, please do not bother to apply, as you will soon be “invited to leave”.

Stronghold2000 - Leader - Smoking Aces

Thanks to all who are now contributing to our alliance.  We have achieved a full status and are looking forward to the next war season.  If you have >=2,500 trophies and donate >=100k Gold, look for openings and apply for membership when you see one.