Alliance Record

There’ve been a lot of complaints about alliance-hoppers, people who’ve been kicked from alliances for inactivity, etc. I think that with the recent addition of the 60hr cooldown time, alliance leaders need to be able to make informed decisions these days. And in order to make informed decisions, we need Alliance records. Basically a piece of a player’s profile, maybe that only certain generals can see, that shows how many alliances a person has been in, and how many days they’ve been playing for.

Great idea! I want to take this a step further and say they should create a records that shows all the stats Generals and Leaders would be interested in. This screen would be much like the screen we have currently but list more data.


  • Last two alliances (with private chat coming, can discuss with leader why they left)
    • List if they were kicked or left alliance
  • Language preference (will know why the are not responding in chat)
  • Donate to alliances (keep a record of all donations)
  • WAR SEASON participation (to-date total skulls and history of per-raid skull count)
  • Trophy progression compared to others in the alliance


I am sure there is more that others can think of…


Will add this information to my list…

Not only an Alliance Record, leaders and generals should be able to see an expanded profile of other members in the alliance, it would include much more information about everyone.

although it would be useful


this seems like it would be very hard for flare to implement


a good leader or general can figure those things out fairly quickly when a new member joins anyways

I think these ideas are becoming a bit too intrusive :\ I specifically made it vague because of how people can change. For example, if I join top alliances and get kicked, does that go on my record even though I did nothing wrong? If I go on vacation and get kicked for “not participating” for 3 days, should that blacklist me forever? Furthermore, what if I’m kicked simply not to be attacked during alliance wars, and then re-invited? Or if an alliance leader intentionally kick,-reinvite,-repeats me specially to force me to stay? There 's too much room for manipulation and misrepresentation in a system that shows only one side of every story.

If anything, it should only show how many alliances you’ve been a part of in the past month. That way it gives people the opportunity to improve themselves without any sort of permanent damage.


I think this problem will be solved in the next server update. If a person is befriended, the two can send private chat to each other across the whole game. This will allow leaders to discuss what happened. The last alliance leader may want the person back :slight_smile:


Please see:


Actually, image files are there, they just need to expand the windows.

The database is there, they would just need to add more calls to it.

The information is there because it is happening.


The only thing they may have to do is get more server horsepower (figuratively speaking). Well, and man hours that seem depleted.

Do you mean per war skull count? We all can have bad raids.