Alliance recruitment for "THE END??"

Recruitment for the “THE END??” alliance.


THE END?? Alliance level is 22 

RANK TOP 2300-2400


(1789) trophies 

Looking for loyal players who will fight during the war and earn lots of skulls, if they are loyal for a certain period they will be promoted to General.



1500+ trophies 

Hero level  75+

Gold Donation requirment 100k


Hope to see you there!




Friend, there is n donation of  25k in the game.

Oops thanks btw :grinning: I changed it


Have some good requirements. Including player level. I found nothing in alliance  so that someone may join,

A leader cannot do everything alone. You have members with very low levels. In my alliance, we don’t take anyone who don’t matches the donation except some.

Oh right thanks man for the tip, I’ll put up the recuirments