Alliance Recruitment

Could you PLEASE put in an option for alliances to set a minimum level for recruitment. I have no clue why people who are level 5 and been playing 2 minutes think top end alliances would want to recruit them, but, It is a pain in the butt to have to go through and reject them all continually. Especially as, thanks to the mail system, new requests pop in at the top just as you are about to click reject. 

Could I get an answer to this please?

Hey Davejr1200,

This has been suggested before, and is a good idea. We are looking when we can include it in a version.

I already say that man and i like it

But i play more RR2 

I think we must have this idea in the 2 games


als Offizier meiner Allianz möchte ich:

  • auch nach einem Allianzkrieg die Punkteauswertung studieren können.

  • sehen können wer wann wieviel an Gold für die Allianz spendet.


Es ist denkbar ungeschickt die Truppen mit göttlichen Segen lila zu unterlegen UND einen Gegner mit der Farbe lila zu haben!!