Alliance Requirements and Applications

The system of applications to alliances in Olympus Rising is perfect and makes a general’s job so much easier. In case you aren’t familiar with the system in OR, let me explain. No player that doesn’t reach the requirements of the alliance is allowed to send an application to the alliance. This saves a general the time of checking to see if the player is WAY under the requirements. This would really help generals and leaders save time

This would be a nice feature!!

Thumbs Up!

I second that. a lots of stuffs in OR are a life savior for player. Sometime i ask why some stuffs are not added in RR2. I have hear OR and RR2 are the same team. No clue if its true. We have see some picture of CaptainMorgan who have work on RR2. So why RR2 is far behind OR in many way?

Anyway i hope this idea will come soon.