Alliance rules?

I understand the need for rules in an alliance and would never join an alliance if I did not agree with or could not meet the rules and requirements.

What I am wondering is how you feel about alliance leaders who are unwilling to enforce the rules. If there are members who are doing what they can to meet their obligations, do you think it fair and just for them to be supporting several others who are just leaching the loot bonus, bleeding skulls during war time, and contributing nothing?

Leave and join others,game only ,need not to be frust cause of this.not happy just leave or build ur own

Hmmmm thanks for the input but I think leaving just because of disagreement goes directly against the definition of “alliance”.

Having said that, I will consider leaving if we maintain an impass or if things don’t at least look like they are on the way to improvement.

I just get tired of leeches and parasites and rules that arn’t really rules.


What Meng77 said is right, if you see you are forced too much better that you find a more softened low alliance in this case. 

You could create only an act counterproductive for yourself (forced to follow some rules where you might take lot of time to reach) and counterproductive for the alliance because maybe they ask to work hard for war for example but you are too weak to fight against those alliances.

I think in this way, being a leader of an alliance i know immediately if that person will grow up quickly or not or will speed up its process to stay ahead with the alliance. I personally also never like kick people for rules, but sometimes is required to redirect better the alliance.

Said this, you are completely right because in fact it’s not easy for low heroes grow up quickly, so it could be better for you to choose a one low than where you are/were now.  :grinning:

Simple rule for any alliance “No play - No stay”.

Information about: alliance eurobec , dont let people of this clan going to your alliance they steals member,i had problem with them , they say they want to be friend and want to make alliance with you and they promote their team , bunch of crook !

As Drum pointed out, the game, and the leadership mechanic is made to be simple.


The sad fact is. 60 people that want to all play the game as intended is extremly rare…


when you bring the subject up in Alliance chat do you get words or action?


Most Generals are worthless. and yeah, they prolly the leaders girlfriend or grandmother. without a clue of war tactics, keeping the budget or anything there supposed to be doing. (like kicking out the pud)

theyll guilt you with words like “loyalty” but as you can see that loyalty only extends to leadership. as soon as you start asking questions like the one you posted, ull be outcast as a threat to there petting zoo.


just put your head down and try not to think too much about what the yellows are up too.

they prolly think there being nice keeping the unactive people. they have no idea there ruining the game.


The “rules” are all up to the leader. and ull find almost universally those rules all the same.



and never forget the unwritten rule. dont ask questions.

It does seem simple dosn’t it. Apparently it is not that simple. I know because I kicked a bunch that were bleeding skulls by the thousands and contributing nothing and now everyone wants to blame me for not being able to attract the “best” players?

I don’t understand.

I have told the leaders if they don’t agree with the way I handled things to demote me from the general position and they have not so I guess they must agree. Yet still they complain.

I believe you are correct about getting 60 people who want to play the same is difficult, probably impossible. I can see that loyalty means a different thing to me than it does to others.

Well I did kick out the “pud” as you called them and it has caused quite a stir.

Oh well, I will finish out the war. I will give my full ten battles per front even though only three are required by the rules, and then I guess we will decide whether I stay or not.

I don’t like to jump, this is only the second alliance I have been to, but if we can’t come to an agreement about either changing the rules or enforcing them then I will leave.

you did it right.

wish there was 100 more like you


idk what Alliance your at but keep in mind there are some that have formed there alliances to be themed social clubs.


National pride, my little pony collectors clubs. ect… (in wich case as yellow for one of those you did it exactly wrong lolz)


talk to your leader.


if you guys cant figure it out hit me up in PM.

I may be able to suggest a proper Alliance for you.

And if huck is busy pm me :slight_smile: I actively kick those who don’t participate in war as it is our only rule. Happy to consider you in our alliance once the season is over. Generals earn their place through skull competitions rather than popularity or other bullshit.