Alliance Selection for New Players

I am wondering if anybody can give me any advice and how to go about picking an alliance for myself. I just started my character and am only a level 12. I play a lot though, but I don’t want to just pick any old random alliance and pray it’s a decent one. Are there any reputable ones out there for newer players. Should I start my own right from the beginning?

I would join any old alliance until you are a lv 20-30, where things begin to pick up speed. Until then, the alliance will not do you much good, except for a 2-3% gold boost, which doesn’t really make a difference.


there are many alliances here where you can ask if you can join them.

I have an active Alliance and players who hardly donate for example will be removed. But not everyone works that way…


Just ask, and find out…and…you can Always leave an Alliance :wink:

Ask to join any alliance you can on here would typically be way better than a random one. Or a facebook group alliance as well. You want to get in a alliance AS SOON AS POSSIBLE as you gain additional gold boosts and possibly stronger troops if they use the elite boosts.


You are welcome to join my alliance as well. Wivarlution we have a little bit of a wait list tho so you may want to try others 1st

just max out your alliance tower and they will come after you.

I think Mischreiber’s “Koenigliche Diebe” is also a great place for lower level players to grow stronger :slight_smile: