Alliance soldier improvement

The Alliance Soldier:

Most of the improvements that asked for, for alliances only caters for the leader and the general. What would make the jumping soldier’s life better in the alliance (without frustrating everyone else)?

 As a soldier, if I am not happy in my current alliance, I would like to be able to find a better alliance and move there. The only way to know if a new alliance is better, is to leave and to move there and try it out. If the new alliance is not good, then the soldier need to move back.  This causes a lot of jumping - and embarrassment to the soldiers, generals and leaders. As a soldier I would like to be able to jump alliances without making it difficult for the leaders and generals, or to frustrate them.

I propose the following:

  1. Joining an alliance is only allowed when that alliance is not in a war season.

  2. When I am invited or when I apply to an Alliance, I would like to talk to the leader or one of the generals to discuss the terms of joining. My goals, their goals, perks, boosts etc. I want to do this without leaving my current alliance. With this I can make a better choice and commitment. 

  3. It should only be possible to leave an alliance 3 hours after I have donated. (I cost the alliance a slot, I should at least pay for the time I was there) 

  4. I would like to change my status from “temporary” soldier to “permanent” soldier. When I am “temporary” I can leave my alliance any time (outside of war & 3 hours after donation). When I am “permanent” I can not leave. I can only change my status back to “temporary” during war time (but can only leave after the war). This will give everyone notice and warning that I am about to leave. 

  5. I can also change my status to “jumper” at any time. With this status I can jump like it is currently possible without any restrictions or penalties. I can only change my status from “jumper” to “temporary” if I have completed a war season within one alliance. If my status is “jumper” everyone will know that I am a jumper and will accept or reject me on that basis. If I do not like to be “jumper” any more, I need to find an alliance and commit at least one whole war season with them. I can then regain the “temporary” status.


I think these should work for leaders, generals and soldiers. Any comments are welcome. :slight_smile:


Interesting topic.

  1. Leaving an alliance should be only allowed when that team is not in war season is a better one. Players leaving in the middle of the season hurt their team a lot. When players aren’t part of a team they should be able to join a team. to be clear, kicking a player must be possible, otherwhise he/she could open the base and ruin a complete season for the team.
  2. Many teams allow visits during recess. Only problem is that both teams must allow visits plus visitors, otherwhise it won’t work. I would suggest a Visit option for players. Visiting players can only make visits during recess and will return automatically a day before war season starts again (Spot must be allocated for this so that there is space for the returning player). For a visit a leader/general of both teams must give permission. This way I can prevent too many members are on visit at once.
  3. I can live with this, but only during recess. 
  4. Do we really need a status for this? There we have private chat for if really needed. Only problem is that private friend list is filled really quick with team members, so I would like to have an option to have private chats with all members, without need of having them on the friend list.
  5. Almost no teams will accept jumpers I can tell you. I can’t imagine that teams accept that a player can leave at the middle of a season.

As a bonus, I would like to see historical info of players plus teams. I would like to see how many players left a team during a certain period of time, how often a player switched for a certain period, how much his average contribution was per day (daily donation) plus percentages of helping in war seasons.

Dena4, thanks for your feedback - I highly value your opinion.

Do we really need a status?

  • The reason for the status suggestion is to provide a “possible” simpler and or alternate  solution in determining a soldiers worth. If I can see all the stats of a soldier, the status is not required. If however it is decided that seeing all stats of a soldier will be too revealing and show too much private info, then the status implementation can work well.

Which one is better?

  • The stats implementation should be easier to implement. It has also much more uses than the status implementation. (This might overload the servers as it needs to be calculated every time)

  • If the stats implementation is not done on moral grounds then the status suggestion is a good alternative. (This will have low load on the servers as it is only a flag that is set)


There are many suggestions on the forum that ask for jumpers to be penalised. I do not like that. The rule that a player can not leave during war is a good one, but very restrictive. The “jumper” status still leave the room for a player to to “jump ship”, but he need to accept the “jumper” status and it is going to cost him to redeem himself - that is joining a lower open alliance before the war, fight and change his status back to “temporary” soldier.

Again, if the “player stats.” is implemented then this suggestion no longer has great value.

This also bring in another issue, how will you battle an alliance when you see that 90% of its players are jumpers. At least you will have a warning that they are going to use “tactics” on you during the war.  


We have several categories of jumpers.

Some jumpers join only teams for war boosts. worst of that category are the ones that leave as soon as the boosts are inactive, even in the middle of the war. Some stay till the end of the season and leave as soon as the team didn’t win the desired boosts.

Others want other boosts, like cannon, tough barricades, boosted ogres, you name it. As soon as such a boost goes inactive, they jump or ask to activate it. When that’s not accepted, they leave.

The worst jumpers I have ever seen are the ones indeed leaving in the middle of a season, just for war boosts. And instead of being grateful, they “thank” some of their previous team by adding them to their favorite list. that’s just abnormal and disrespectful.

To prevent war boost jumpers I already did a suggestion in the past. Only give members war boosts that actually did help the team during the last war season (three raids minimum in 80% of possible wars that season). That would already stop war boost jumpers. But as we know this never was implemented.

Try to see it from a leaders side. I for example put a lot of energy in my teams. I get loyal members as a reward. Still how good you are as a leader, there will be always players who join your team and leave without a valid reason, while you put lot of time, energy and effort in them and without any word those players leave. As a leader I am looking for team players, not for selfish ones. The jumpers have to realise that without teamwork they would be nowhere, so as soon as you join a team, act like a teamplayer and help your team.

That some players are looking for a new home I can understand, those I won’t call jumpers. You never know when you fit into a team or not.

Well said Dena4

  • my vote

Cobus, your topic is interesting, sounds good…But actually I think the historical info about the player’s teams is easier to implement, because that only requires showing a report from the database, while the status suggestion and all of its implications need more work, from both the code of the game itself and the database. I mean, the ‘status’ would need to add info or add a column on the database’s table (depends on how the developer works) and maybe something else on other tables for your other suggestions. Also, in the code it would be necessary to add a lot of new decisions, because you have to check many stuff (like if 3 hours have past after your last donation, those status changes with all their conditions, if the team is on war season or not) And also it would be necessary to work on a tiny feature to add a conversation with the leader/general who sent you an invitation, friendlist is already very limited, we don’t need even more messages there.

The historial suggestion at most needs to save info each change of team, and then show it all when asked.

It’s a nice idea you got here. I myself am loyal to my alliance and I’ll never leave but I know some people who struggle with finding an alliance. In fact we have so many people join our alliance and leave straight after because we don’t boost permanantly ogre or wolf. So having this would indeed make our lives easier and not have like 5 people come and go each day! =)

Karmam, I can see that you are a developer. I really enjoy the way developers answer questions.

What I can take from what you said is that to ask: “What is the simplest to implement?” is maybe not the right question to ask.

The better question to ask is " What is going to be the most fun to use when you play RR2?"

Developers are awesome people. Whenever I ask a question like “will this be possible?”. The usual answer is: “everything is possible - if the time is available to do it”  :slight_smile: