Alliance stronghold buildings

When generals or leader upgrade alliance stronghold buildings alliance gold is used. My first suggestion is to show current alliance gold on that screen. Second, when a general starts an expensive upgrade, I would like to ask for confirmation. Or even better, let us set a minimum amount of gold that needs to be remaining before we can upgrade a stronghold building. I mean, when remaining gold would drop under that minimum amount of gold, that the upgrade will not start, but fail. Only leader should be able to overrule it and still start the upgrade under that circumstance.

There is a reason why I ask this. Today one of our generals was not aware of the fact that upgrading stronghold headquarters cost a lot of alliance gold, so he upgraded the building with intention to help the team and do us a favor. Result, 128M alliance gold down the drain, all I can say is ouch, that really hurt. We still have enough gold, but I would have prevented it by setting that minimum of gold remaining to an amount to prevent that expensive upgrade by accident or unawareness of general.

Now in our case we still are fine, we still have some reserves, but these kind of actions can bring most teams in deep trouble.

Say a general upgrades some stronghold building and literally wastes all alliance gold this way and the alliance has no longer reserves for prolonging boosts. Bye boosts, it can even mean bye conquest, ninja season or war season.

A team can have saved the gold for a long time and in a blink of an eye it’s gone. No alliance upgrade or prolong of boosts when all gold is gone. It’s not gone of course without anything in return, we will get a higher headquarter for it, but for the team having that amount of gold in reserve is more important. Sure, before this release a general could waste it on boosts or alliance upgrades, but those actions are absolutely obvious and the general is fully aware of it.

A higher stronghold headquarter won’t directly help, for the new conquest mode we most likely need a lot of gold. Gold that now no longer is available.

This could ruin teams.

So please add the info that those stronghold upgrades cost alliance gold plus ask for a confirmation. And alliance gold available should be visible on that screen, so that it’s clear the team can afford it.

Even better, give the leader the option to enter a minimum amount of gold remaining before such an upgrade is allowed. Say the leader sets 100M gold as minimum remaining gold, if the team has 200M gold in reserve,  any attempt to do an upgrade 100M+ will fail, since the gold will drop under that minimum threshold. This would at least guard teams from overspending alliance gold.

Like I said, my team still has reserves, but in case the general detects headquarters are upgrade and decides to upgrade the other stronghold buildings, we are in deep trouble. So do something to prevent this scenario.

As for me, only the leader should be able to decide on the improvement of buildings.

Yeah, the leader needs to have a bit more actual “Leadership” that separates him from the generals. Right now, the only difference is that he can Promote and Demote generals


or simply mark in the profile - inviting, removing, speaking wars, turning on reinforcements, etc. - if he is a general.

We need a rights-management where the leader can define what actions can be done by whom.