Alliance Stronghold should be attackable!!

Currently we cannot attack an alliance’s Stronghold directly. I think a great idea is for us to be able to do just that. We wouldn’t be able to destroy the Stronghold, but we would be able to kill all the troops that are inside the stronghold. It was a pretty big let-down when we came all that way and we couldn’t even finish them off :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi BobotheMighty,

There are no such plans. :grinning:


Hi BobotheMighty & Hi @Madlen

and neither they should be.

Oh, you definitely should be able to attack and destroy the the alliance stronghold of an enemy alliance.


There’s no reason after you have completely decimated them, or strategically arrived at their doorstep, that you should not be able to finish them off. Otherwise, the rest of the Conquest they have very little (or nothing) to lose, so they just behave like annoying ants randomly attacking, etc. No reason that should exist.

This is only happening because of the unbalanced between alliance on a conquest, if 4 similar alliance were in the same conquest it would be impossible to defeat a whole alliance in their stronghold (because you are not going to move your whole alliance there while the other two destroy you)… So just ask for balanced as everyone and stop bullying small alliances.

You can just as easily say that you, as the dominant alliance, need to factor in that they have nothing to lose and will be annoying ants.

With new matchmaking algorithm and shorter Conquests, I’m not sure this will be much of an issue anyways.