Alliance subscriptions not working properly

Hi flare team, why is our precious alliance subscriptions suddenly deactivated in mid- of the month?

Dear flare team, since yesterday night, our ally as well as in LE Lions suddenly faced the shortage of ally subscriptions. In my ally Tropa de elite! , There were 37 ally subscriptions ruining since February 13 ,2018, so it is clear that it should run for another 15 or so days.Flare I hope that u don’t play with players money, right? So why are the subs not working?We need compensation with gems ok??!!Take your action fast and fix this bloody bug!!!

Hello there,

Could you ask the alliance member who made the purchase to contact our support please? He can send a ticket here:

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Good luck with support 

Ya, one of my generals who has a ally subscription already filed, IGN of him : Michell Spreafico

Flare please return our alliance subscriptions of the alliance Tropa de elite! Members with subscriptions took on February 15 . IGN : Michell Spreafico, Maikon Spreafico, Maik Spreafico, EdnaldoSS1, EdnaldoSS2,EdnaldoSS3, …Rick…, …NegaN…,Sr.Otavio1, and so on, up to 37 members. Please flare don’t do injustice to the players money please respond fast.

Money is precious, so please respect the players hard earned money, don’t do this type of action to them, fix the bug fast or manually return the subs. Time is precious and we need 5 days compensation with 360 gems daily extra to compensate for 5 days.Please flare return the ally subs to the players I mentioned above.Kind regards …

Flare support doesn’t work weekends.  Wait 'til Monday.

Is in the week better?


Yes. That’s why Monday.

Yeah, it’s better, but still slow…like, reeeeeeallly slow  :wink:  

I gave them a ticket of complain last Thursday day after Wednesday night from when the subs not working properly. Please squash the ally subscription bug Flare I request you please do this action fast

Did you only made one ticket? If yes then as GalaMorgane said, each player should send ticket to flare with total 37 tickets and 37 proof of payment of alliance subscription they bought. So go tell all your alliance members to report it to flare support.

Good Luck!

It’s still the weekend, so they are not going to be responding. They don’t work weekends.

Secondly, the support staff don’t read the forums, so complaining here after you got a response doesn’t accomplish anything.

Hello there,

As mentioned before, we need the person who purchased the subscription to contact us as we need some details and we cannot discuss these kind of information with other members of the Alliance.

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He already said that one of his members who bought the subscription has filed a request

If I reiterate it´s prolly because it´s not the case.

Had the issue been fixed? My ally is planning on purchasing subs but not if there are problems

What’s more information?

There’s really nothing to fix here. Alliance subs are working normaly as expected.