Alliance Suggestions

*We should be able to share our unused equipment with our alliance in an alliance amoury or something.

*Change the donation function so that we can choose exactly how much we want to donate (with the maximum depending on your alliance tower.

*Add one more rank between General and Soldier, ie. Captain. They can declare wars and invite players but cannot spend alliance gold like elite boosts, champion, shield etc…

*Add a fourth elite boost reward for the alliance wars. Probably something like froster so that lower level people will benefit from alliance wars more.

*Create an easy way for people to tell your throne room level because at current the league stars are not a good indication . 

  • Alliance armory is not a good idea, if there’s a level 100 player and also a level 10 in the alliance, and the first one decides to leave unused equipment in that armory and then the level 10 takes it, he woud be too overpowered for his level.

  • I don’t agree either with the donation stuff.

  • Captain, extremely good idea.

  • I think frosters need an elite boost now, but I don’t like how it sounds to make it a fourth award in wars, prizes for the first three places is ok…

  • Knowing everyone’s Throne Room level is irrelevant for the others and the game in general.

Why you guys don’t use the search option in the game, there is already a topic which talk about “SHARING ITEMS between alliance members”. If they create this function called “search” there is a reason? and also about the first suggestion as i said many times: just put a limit so only people for example over lvl 50 can wear it