Alliance training section

as far as i observe at least in gods league (but maybe otherwhere too) there are alliances which are kind of inhomogenious in players w.r.t. level or offense / defense strength.

why this? there are several reasons ofc, here a few: good players leaving due to several reasons, restructuring after a merge, recruiting is hard, some just use such alliances to improve without planning to stay on the long run, …

how do top alliances overcome this: also several reasons but running training alliances (often done with double accs) and out of game communication.

so how can the situation be improoved for such alliances (without the need for a merge or reducing the amount of players to its very homogenious core)?

please share your ideas about this. one of it could be that a kind of training section (for e.g. max 5-10 members) is implemented, where old players can share their knowledge ingame and without newer recruits/trainees/players are just victims during war times and cannot compete.
those trainees cannot fight during war on the war map or maybe even open them (as they only are victims most of the time) but since they are trainees maybe you can implement a training system for their normal map: e.g. they have same amount of fury / refill but the actual oponents (either preselected by the system or chooseable) appear on none occupied islands that become training islands (amount like fury points, maybe also have a counter same as attacked or defense islands on war map; maybe such an training island appear each time an attack was made or received on the war map?). on that island they maybe dont need ambrosia to be able to fight and they gain also personal VP (and rewards at the end) and can test their heroes (maybe no need to preselect but each hero cannot be used more that total fury points so e.g. no permanent use of best hero possible) and get a feeling what is war like without beeing victims or even a need to further tactics like fury savings, island endings or other stratetics.

so trainees can concentrate on their development without beeing victims during war, and alliances can become more homogenious over time again and the social aspect becomes also more important again - IN GAME.

thx for inputs to this and suggestions how to balance alliances without the need of merge or outgame communication or double accounts and stuff like that.

it does not seem to me that there are trainees in your alliance.

guess why… and still we have some. but it is not only suggested for our alliance only.

edit: and we tried and had also more members of lower levels. but at some point it feels like it is more of a disadvantage if an alliance is too inhomogenos and full of “victims” - i mean that with respect.

edit: @Artemus dont you wish that there are more options or something that mimics the well known strategy of feeder alliances or merge up alliances? s.t. old member dont have the need just to merge up and if some do to make a reorganisation without the need for another merge (with also would create a vacuum somewhere else) for the remaining (mostly also elder) players better? (edit again: oh just noticed you are in rise of kronos now :slight_smile: )

it is just another idea/attempt to combine casual/competitive play and strengthen the togetherness within an alliance. other ideas or experiences for this are ofc highly welcome.


@Artemus it was a good war, gz for 1st place. well played with good planned lead caps and with discipline. i liked it :+1:


is this like as back-up members, extra space for 5 or more members?

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<3 …… …………… …. :slight_smile:

i thought more of a fraction from the existing places of an alliance.
as usually it is hard to recruit already good members and you have free space then you can also accept lower level members (some with lower levels are also eager to be in your alliance and learn) but if your alliance is in a league above their level it is hard for them to get VP and in return it is easy for your opponents to get easy VP from them. at some point it is not good for your alliance and you will get demoted which might better players even more. it can become a deadly spiral with a ghost alliance of a formerly strong alliance or also taken over by others and restarted after a while.

by the suggestion made, you could also accept lower members, teach them or just give them time, they can train and become better, they can be active in the ingame chat and socialise ingame. and after a while they will be ready for your league and take part at war.

but that is just a suggestion.

edit: or e.g. everybody with rank soldier. by that you can observe how they act on the playground.


This would be a cool mechanic, where you could tag a certain number of players with an “apprentice” rank.

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