Alliance Turnover

The leadership of my alliance is trying to figure out why we have a 50% membership turnover rate each month.  We have a member who is an AWESOME recruiter and works at it all day.  The other generals are good at helping when they are online.  Most of the turnover is from players who join, look around, and then immediately leave.  We currently recruit players who are at least level 80 and 100k gold donations.

We are a level 45 alliance with all boosts during wars and other events, great members to chat with, and help if needed for things in the game.

What suggestions, or what are we missing, to help slow the turnover and hopefully grow again?

If you are getting people who leave soon, in a minute or two. Place a message that don’t leave soon or our generals will attack you so much that you will forget playing. Better is stay here. This is the best way to get rid of them. The people who want to leave will say a sorry to you and then leave but you will get their message (better from leaving without information) and also prevent many players from leaving soon.

Or you can place some restrictions on your alliance that only those will join who want to stay.

Crashcourse on how to ruin your alliance :grinning:

It is for people who don’t understand the meaning of kindness.

Aditya, I don’t think you have any say in this discussion. I mean, you are one of these players yourself. At least, you were before a few days ago. You hopped around alliances, taking advantage of every one you came by!

Thank you for the replies.  If you think of anything else please do post it here.  Appreciate all the help!

Just don’t give up, there will always be players that hop around. No matter who joins, jumper or not, always treat them nicely. That’s the best way to form a good alliance full of good and active players

The best advice is to have a jar of cookie. For each good action a player do. you give them a cookie. Very important. If you want they do Ninja Event and all give them cookie and milk. Success guaranteed

roflmao…  Best advise I’ve seen.  Thanks for the laugh!

Sorry when the atmosphere is so negative its possible I let’s my joke side out :slight_smile:

Sorry. I didn’t take any advantages from them. They invite me. I join for their sake and tell them I cannot join because my destination is something else. I leave a message before leaving. I don’t want anyone to get my rejections.

Adita, Please never join my alliance!  I’m really tempering what I WANT to say about this, but realize this- this is a game which people from all over the world come to play.   Everybody speaks a different language and as a rule of thumb, people are comfortable with those who speak the same language, or at least attempt to.  If you joined a team and found out you can’t communicate with anyone, would you want to stay?  Everyone has a different reason for playing- just read all the comments on these boards!  Some people won’t be satisfied unless they are #1.  Some people just want to be in a “top alliance”.  Some people are just happy playing the darn game without the drama.  Some people enjoy being on a TEAM, and not with a bunch of self-gratifying cash-paying maniacs who will boot you if you don’t log in even while you’re sleeping to fight 72 fights and win 200 trophies every day. (sarcasm)   The vast majority of alliances have NOTHING on their home page stating what they’re all about.  Even if they did, the game doesn’t really allow for much (which is why a lot of teams have the 3rd party chats).  you can’t post something on your team chat because it will be gone in 24 hours or less if you talk a lot.  

We’ve found that for about every 100 invites we send out, we might get two or three that are interested.  Most don’t stay because they’re looking for a specific beast or boost, and if we don’t offer that, they look elsewhere.  Why stay if it’s not what you want?  Threatening to blast them out of spite is just idiotic.  You sound like the politics going on here in America right now.  This is a GAME.  Why would they want to stay on your team if you threaten them anyway?  Please tell me you were joking and not serious!  

As for “placing restrictions on the alliance that only those who want to stay can join”, we explain to everyone that joins what our expectations are, and MOST are cool.  If you don’t bother logging in for 6+ days, you’ll be booted because we play as a TEAM.  That’s why we have succeeded like we have.  Our team isn’t perfect, but we’re committed to playing and growing as a team and it’s working for us!  We went from 35 players down to 2 during an implosion where everyone had a different view on how the team should play.  Now, we’ve built it back up to a respectable 31, but it took months to get back here and a lot of hard work by the ENTIRE team!  You have to treat people with respect and not be a little tyrant who makes people feel like they’re obligated to help YOU and should be happy you let them play on your team.  That’s not how a team works.  We help each other.  Some stay, some leave.  I’m very competitive, but would never think of treating any of my team like you say in your post.  This is all I’m going to say about this.

I wish you luck and hope you will change your attitude about how alliances work.  You won’t have a team long if that’s how you act.

My advice to you King Stan, is to keep doing what you’re doing.  Everyone plays the game for different reasons, and depending on your requirements for joining, it may turn some off as well as attract some to it.  Of course, success is a good thing.  If you do well in the wars, you’re more likely to retain players, but if someone is looking for bigger and better all the time, they’re going to do what they’re going to do.  We’ve found a strong group of LOYAL players who seriously want to grow as a team.  There are a few who don’t pull their weight, but I try to look the other way some times if they donate regularly and help others with instas, etc.  There is more than one way to help a team out.  However, we DO require our team to TRY in the wars.  At our level, we sometimes end up in wars where the lower-level players on our team don’t have anyone they can match up with.  If strategy allows, we try to keep that in mind.  I looked at your alliance and it seems to have a nice strong core of player levels.   The one thing to keep in mind, despite your alliance being nicely ranked, it makes an attractive “stepping stone” for those who’s eyes are at the top 100.  I personally don’t see what being in the Top 100 even means, if you’re having fun and have a great team to fight with, but hey, everyone’s got their reasons I guess.  Look back at your war season history and you might be surprised to see teams that dominated just a few weeks ago are decimated or don’t even exist anymore.  If you stay together as a team, you’re doing good!

Since our team dynamic changes from time to time as people level up and new members join, we occasionally ask our members what they would like to see new or changed.  Sometimes the answer is surprising.  It also helps to have team goals so that everyone is on the same page, not just a free-for-all.  We’ve experienced that and have learned from our mistakes.  

One big thing to keep in mind for recruiting too… More so for you as your player levels are higher than they are on my team- The higher level players seem to have found homes where they are.  There isn’t (wasn’t before 4.0 anyway) a lot of movement from the top players.  A lot of mid-level players have simply left the game, and there is a huge influx of players in the 900-600 trophy level range.  We’ve started recruiting the lower-level players as they will eventually be the mid-high level players the game needs so badly down the road.  If we nurture them and help them grow with the team and don’t leave them hanging out to dry, they will stick with us.   We have to offer some lower level boosts too as a result, but again, it’s for the team and we’re thinking long term.  Many other alliances don’t share that philosophy.  The down side, is the lower level players often don’t have the time invested in the game to by as loyal as some of the higher players.  You really have to scout a player’s donation level, troop/tower usage, and their numbers.  Just because someone doesn’t have an extremely low trophy count doesn’t mean they put the dedication into their team either.

Good luck and don’t give up.  Recruiting can be down right exhausting, but it pays off in the end when the right players join. ?

You deserved a like @KingThunderbolt4, not only for how great your post was, but also because you earned one after writing for that long :wink:  

sorry for rambling.  I didn’t sleep well last night and I get cranky when I don’t get good sleep ?


Thanks @KingThunderbolt4 for the sane advice.  We have been wanting to grow particularly since our opponents in wars seem to be so much stronger any more but are also thinking as you mentioned to consider some of the younger players and let them grow into us. 

Yeah, we had to change our way of thinking.  Before the “implosion” we had a lot of strong players, but we grew too fast and we found ourselves simply outnumbered in the wars.  At the time we were aiming for higher level players, but in reality didn’t have anything to offer to them because although we were strong, we were still mid-low levels ourselves.  As we found ourselves rebuilding,   we realized that the active lower-level players who wanted a stable place to play didn’t have the higher expectations that we couldn’t meet at that time.  As we grew as a team (both figuratively and literally), we finally got defensive beasts, were able to offer boosts, and were helping each other out wherever we could.  Now, we have 3 def beasts (and just a few away from 2 more) and depending how much gold this new conquest is going to suck out of us, we hope to offer more boosts, too.  As we upgrade the alliance, we can let more people in, and IT HELPS in the wars!  You could have a great team, but when the top 3 fights count so much more than championing, even a handful of 600-trophy players can help you win.  It’s best to fill out the roster, as long as they are making the commitment to the team.  It could be the difference between winning your war, or simply being outnumbered ?


when you say they’re much stronger than you, do you mean literally as in you can’t knock down their gates or you just can’t outscore them by the end of the war?  If it’s the latter, get some decent active low-levels in there that are willing to fight and it should help, as long as they can match up in the wars.


Matching up is the problem.  Many players who haven’t played long can’t match up with opponents we seem to go against now.  Once they feel they don’t have a chance they stop playing regardless how much we ask them to just try and get what they can.  Every skull counts!.

Thinking maybe we should take the losses for now with lower level players giving them time to grow.  Lower fiefdom count generally means little easier wars.

It is just for them who don’t have any interest in your alliance. They just want to see the faces of people and just look for troop donations, someone may give and their work is to leave. They are settled in low level alliances but leave to get good troops and boost for some time. They have no intention to stay in your alliance or want some specific boosts.