Alliance Update 11/27/2014

Hey Everyone,


The Alliances have officially arrived! Today’s update includes the following new features:

  • Form powerful alliances with your friends
  • Chat with the members of your alliance
  • Test the castles of your fellow alliance members and help them improve their defenses
  • Design your alliance’s custom emblem
  • See the heroes of other players with stats & equipment in the new player details menu
  • Enjoy the various improvements, polishing and bug fixes.


This is the first iteration of the Alliance feature, which includes core functionalities. Additional content will follow soon! 


Please note that the update is currently not out for iOS. For the duration that the update is not available on all platforms, iOS players will not be able to attack other users who already downloaded the update.


We are working on making the update available to all players as soon as possible.





I’m always looking forward to patch notes from you and I just need to wait for only 2-3mins after update goes live.Great. :slight_smile:

Looks very nice. As a leader I miss the function to see the allinace Tower Level of Players I plan to invite.


Nice suggestion. I will pass this on.

Jona add the possibility to be vice/deputy leader ! to reclute other players! while the leader is afk.

update for android …pls

Android already receive the update but some region might receive it a bit late , I got about an hour late on WP at Malaysia

I play on an Asus transformer, Windows 8, and I was wondering when will the new update come?

Game is working really fast after update. That’s very nice. Can you reveal what can we expect in near future?

already out , check the store for manual update yet ?

How exactly do I do that?

i have a problem since this update i can’t make new favorites since the star button is gone and i can’t remove the ones that i have.

Is this intentional or will it be corrected in the next update?

I’ve made manual upgrade for android…go in the Play Store, search “Royal Revolt 2” and click on update…

can’t update here in India… Wp user… It’s showing up to date


Click information button next to player’s name. You will see his king image, next to his level and nick there is star. After update you can change your favorite list that way.

Sometimes i feel little laggyness… Last version was better… Using wp…

Awesome!! The Inventory bug has been removed. Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

 still didn’t get it on wp is this supposed to happen?

I experience bad connection at my 2nd raid, but Wi-Fi had no problem at that time. I think it’s a new bug that comes w/ this new update, v.1.5.0. And lagging scene movement while battling. Platform: Android Ice Cream.