alliance update inquiry

Few questions about alliance update:

  1. Can your ally attack you? Does it have deductions on gold/trophy? Or friendly/ attack?

  2. How to join? Is the alliance tower needed.

  3. If i join to an alliance, can i back out/join again w/ same alliance or new?

  4. If my ally wins a battle, will i get some percentage?

  5. Is alliance (group) attack already available? Will i be deducted if i disconnected while allies still attacking and win…

Please enlighten… Thanks a lot and more power!

1)No , only friendly attack/test defence

2)Yes , need at least tower level 1 that’ll cost 2 gems

3)Yes you can unless its not an open alliance

4)So far there no alliance battle yet , it’ll be added later so not sure about the percentage thing

5)No plan for any group attack as far as I know


Hope this will help  :slight_smile:

Fii, maybe it could be useful put every question about the alliance in one topic? I don’t mean to close this ones, but only to have one topic with questions and answers (I think sn1kt questions, these questions, other made past days questions and so on…) a sort of Alliance FAQ…what d’you think?

yeah its a good one bolz , that’ll help a lot.Kinda tiring really having to type everything all over again haha.I just read this , sorry for the very late reply !