Alliance War bad matchmaking

long time I don’t have do any War since over 1 year. its really like this each War? the game have give us a Alliance full of Level 100-110-120 and 130 like if they was in the bad league. They should have be in a really higher league. Just in 20 minutes they have already do 10k VP

its just impossible for my alliance and others to do anything. The last time I have do the War the matchmaking was better. its horrible. Must wait 8h21 minutes and maybe try to change target. All my members are below level 60. C’mon its ridiculous and if its not enough. during this war my members cannot use the 3rd hero because of a bug.

Hope its not always like this same with all boost activated its a pain

its insane 20k VP in maybe 30 minutes. They are in the wrong league and match with low alliance. its not fair for any who got them

Look at this. they should have be in top 100 league not match with 1,000 :



cmon its a bad joke. All 3k trophy and higher. How can new player at 600 trophy can beat that? its the worst matchmaking I have see in 2 years

Probably they have manipulated the trophy system. Those guys at level 100-130 should have 12k and 20k trophy but have below 6k to match with low alliance or medium alliance. Flare can you do something about this?