Alliance War Changes - Open Defences

Greetings Mortals,

As this is a hot topic at the moment, we have decided it would be good to let you know some of the current plans we intend to implement to combat the grouping and ganging up of Alliances. Specifically the plans to combat open defences.

Please note: This is a rough plan for a first implementation, it does not mean that this will be the only change, nor that it will be implemented exactly as described here. We intend to track the changes we make and add further improvements or make changes if the goal of reducing this behaviour is not reached.

In order to reduce the ability to switch to “open defences” in war, which Alliances use to allow their allies to take islands from them with minimal resistance, we currently plan on implementing a War Defence.

Here is a brief overview of the main functionality:

  • When taking part in your first War (as part of the Tutorial), a new Defence Slot will be unlocked. The “War Defence”.
  • This slot cannot be edited at any time, other than increasing building levels.
  • Heatmap data and attacks will be viewable as normal, and you will be able to view the defence on Mount Olympus in the normal way (as well as select it to be your main defence).
  • When first unlocked it will be a copy of your current active defence.
  • During Preparation for War, you can freely select which of your 1-3 normal slots will be used in the War.
  • When the War starts, this defence will be copied into the War Defence slot, and the War Defence will be used through the entirety of the War.

Criticism and feedback welcome.


Sounds good.
Since the GK is the most important part of the defence, will it also be locked? How about the gear, since im constantly forging his gear.


Good feedback and questions - since the GK is part of the defence it should indeed be locked, but the point about the equipment is an interesting one, we will discuss the technical solution, as I can’t give a definitive answer now.


It is possible to get live feed of wars?Right now players use communication apps for that.


you rapidly closed post despite many actively commenting:
you quoted and mispelled combating:
‘and although we are actively moving towards combatting the “cartels” in Titan League, we do not currently consider these actions to be cheating, and it (unfortunately) would be very, very difficult to prove or police this effectively.’

I gave the English language definition of cheating and applied it correctly to the situation that we had this weekend regarding match-fixing league prize stealing. Just because you do not believe it to be cheating doesn’t make you right I have to say. You didn’t answer my questions. Just fobbed it off.

As for Policing - I messaged you over a day before the result of the extremely unlikely event, statistically infinitesimal possibility of Texas Phalanx gaining +9 torches (weakest alliance by a mile in that 3v3 war and has 3v3 ever created a +9), so either means I have access to a time machine or there was a secret plan to steal league prizes AS I WAS ADVISED BY SOME MEMBERS OF THE CARTEL. I ALSO SUBMITTED A TICKET WITH THAT INFORMATION ATTACHED.

Why don’t you review the war data from that Tx fake war, see how fast big Tx dropped torches to small Tx? How hard is that, I heard it is stored on your servers, so the proof is there.

You then raise this topic to disguise your lack of interest or possibly active interest in these events. The other topic was not about open defences, that has been discussed many times over. This was about cheating and league fixing. In any other sport or e-game it is called match fixing. You create a league and basically say league fixing positions for prizes is ok.
You give prizes worth in-content money (gems) and are fine with manipulation, that’s a weak legal standpoint for an EU company to have if I’m honest.

With regard to match making which I spoke to you once before during the fateful Heroes winning season. I asked you how some players knew we would draw GoW - the only possible way we would fail to win. You told me you would look into the algorithm but never heard a single thing about it. We will draw CCCP this season and you will be happy when our alliance leaves the game.

I will not offer any further suggestions to your game.

I have lost all faith and respect for Flare Games after this failure to address a huge issue.

I attach the 2 PM screenshots to show everyone that I have a time machine…

note the 2 days ago timetag.

note the date once again and the fact that we did in fact draw GoW as a worst possible scenario. And no you did not advise of the outcome with your ‘team’.

I can look into the future and tell you once again Capt M, players will leave you game in droves shortly due to your failure to Police your own game.
The amount of ‘likes’ my post about cheating received in just 24 hours was a wake up call for FG. WAKE UP
By not acknowledging this wrong aspect although you want to change it apparently you don’t realise what a circus you have made TL and other leagues for the coming seasons…

Philstar signing off.


The only thing you are going to achieve is that the people who have been playing OR for the longest leave the game due to the abandonment suffered by your customers on your part, well not all, because with this attitude you only benefit your “friends”. I would like to know what the CEO of FG thinks when he sees that OR is losing players with more than 3 years of loyalty to FG.

Do you close threads to cover up embarrassments? Because it is the sensation that it gives, to see how it benefits the cartels that give away torches so that their friends win the most difficult league of the game, while others leave us the time, the money and we only gain frustration.

I just hope the Texas Cartel doesn’t rob us this season, because if they do, I won’t keep giving revenue to FG and of course I’ll share my experience in FB, Twiter, Instagram… Etc
You’ve been getting these kinds of suggestions for a long time and your product isn’t cheap to say, so please do what’s best for ALL OR players, not just the corrupt and immoral. You forget this is a game.

A rather angry consumer.


to me you are a player with great understanding of how game evolves not talking just how this game works i said evolves which is beyond knowing how game works cheers to you for that bro.

your ideas about game or suggestions always been interesting to me always much thought and system into it really well made , applicable and practical

i am sorry as a player to see such person losing intrest it’s sad news definitely cause your team is also one of few remaining teams without deals who actually plays a real war in TL whole season which makes this thing a worse news if such team is about to be no more or get damaged. like other neutral teams got damaged.

but i also understand that when developers actually don’t play a game at all i mean not at all totally nothing . they can never have the vision or knowledge or experienced view as a player like you have. can’t blame them much that’s it. i just hope they would change the few ppl they listened to that brought game to such pitiful point today. i expect those few ppl to come say irrelevant things as always and totally mislead whatever you said as they did in other topics as well.

what developers need to work on and do is hearing more than those few ppl. that, will be a big step ahead i mean one who manipulates a whole league with multiple teams inside a limited league why shall be even heard? i would never find out why and understand.

i hope a miraculous thing happens in your decision and great players like you and you come back from your decision of leaving game. cause that means worse for game.


first, i like that your team do plan of taking (some first) actions, since there are quite a few players who have decided not to play in TL on purpose as it is not a funny thing of beeing manipulated.

but it seems that you are surprised by the feedback question of prebster, which i hope you are not … :wink:

but unfortunately i also have not a technically good idea for this problem.
maybe also like the defense layout, the worn gear of the selected GK layout when war starts will be copied to a special war GK layout where the gear cannot be manipulared/exchanged (which also means that those worn gear cannot be sold, or dismantled, but maybe forged or refined).

a tricky situation, but thx for finally making first steps.


i also hope that you dont quit the game, but the frustration you feel is totally understandable.
thx for sharing your thoughts and informations.


How many months has this issue been brought up? I agree with @Philstar that the issue isn’t taken serious, along with other feedback from many previous discussions. You continuously ignore feedback or requests that could benefit the game and the majority of the player population. There is a lot of complacency in development for OR… it’s been a year since the last introduction of new levels, and now we are stuck in this rut of wartime enhancements and mismatched map opponents. Adjusting for a lockable defense during war is slapping a bandaid on a broken dam. This won’t stop enhancement swapping, nor will it fix the war 3 problem seen in every league. There’s a failure of transparency for changes and updates; this is the first update about impending changes in a long time. Additionally, there is a pandering population on the forums in which people just blindly agree and nod their heads for you. This is a severe misrepresentation of the majority of players. I’ve seen many people quit the game this year, and sadly there will be further losses in 2020 because of the lack of communication from the dev team and players. Something I would encourage all players to do is get on the App Store and rate/critique the problems there as it will hold more weight than feedback here. New players should be warned about what they’re walking into and how this game caters specifically to a certain player population (we all know whom). Odyssey is also becoming a P2W portion of the game, even with the near constant feedback that those defense layouts are ridiculously OP (especially at levels 115-140). Like all feedback I give, this will be quickly brushed under the rug… but this game is going under because of the inability to retain the middle class of players.


Regarding Odissay I can say from my experience that lv 5-6-7 are much much harder than lv 8 or lv9 or even 10. I was playing for a year on lower lvs and sometimes spending a lot of gems with war hero! Then I said I will try higher lv like 8,9 10 and it was a bingo. Same hero same gear and sometimes not spending single gem for passing Odissay.

Doing low level odyssey has been pointless for awhile now, the problem is odyssey opponents tend to have higher fame and ascension than you do… so if I’m a level 120, I can have odyssey opponents with maxed out temple 13 defenses with over 20k game and a mirror shield GK… there’s no passing it without invocations

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In Odissay goal is to crush gate so I don’t bother with anything except barricade and gate. If I need to use invocation I use fire for barricade and troops portal on the bridge near gate for spawning trebuchets and I go in one corner of gate and hoping that GK will not cut me in half with one stroke while trebuchets destroy gate. Voila. Mission accomplished.


It is important that the first step has been taken to solve the problem. … and yes, I remembered your suggestion.

personal note: it’s nice to see other competitive teams in TL.


I do not enter here to speak as with much time because you have a problem with the trolls, and I have no time for them.
I will say this much as is what I know to be true, the player known as Philstar has helped the game here in many suggestions for the time I have had a pleasure to speak with him. Very honest and good for the new players where the Flare make the cash.
So to my subject which I know much of having been a visitor here for quite a time.

The improvements and de bugging items which the Flare changed because Philstar Is honest.

  1. Forge bug old items would not give accurate values, flare fix
  2. War enhancement long blessing to next season bug told the Capt in private message so that big greedy Texas did not use for their own gain, flare fix
    3.showed many time the old forging way called the chain where items gained infinite numbers. Flare fix
  3. Request of extra number 5 worker as new player cannot keep up, flare fix add one more worker very soon
  4. Discover that Prometheus is largely weak, requested a better state to him, flare fix soon after gains the resistance physical and runs faster,
  5. Discover the hero Artemis lacks very much in power, flare fix she now have better chance to stay alive
    7.Showed the bug known as the reflection and damage bug of the statue by videos etc posted. Flare delay in fix but do fix
  6. Found the very serious matter of Golden Caducus unique giving many many gems to fortunate unique holders. Message was to the dev team direct.
  7. He ask for many powers to be upgraded at one time so that new players do not left behind, and upgrade time is long enough, flare fix with big update
    10.Said to people that the bull Minotaur was very bad because ice kill him in one hit, flare fix very soon knowing this is right but again did not see.
  8. Request for defence path to lock or stay safe for war, which now this writing above by Capt is all about.
  9. Also said that clans need to have added def team for island similar to the successful game royals revolt2, look it is what will happen!

What I say here is not complete knowledge is all here in forum for the people to know. When he said something is very wrong with Texas Phalanx torch score he is not a silly man, he did not see the future but new it would be corrupt. I hope the people see match fix problem as very wrong

Thanks to everyone


If what @Philstar described happened, and i’m sure the devs can check this so there is no doubt to the allegations , then it’s "match fixing " at it’s finest ,punishable in every e-sport. If Phalanx Texas win the titan league this way ,it will be very disappointing


This is an example of game policy of Fifa 20 that millions play and make purchases with real money.

Match fixing and feeding is a collusion and cheating.

FG please consider your decision that saying it is normal or whatever. We are customers of an EU company. Take things serious. Check out my purchases. You will see many there. Also purchases made even last month… As you know i do not need gems, no use for me. But i am still making just to support FG… Also we were here with you from the start, even your company in trouble, even game had serious bugs… There are no 6 years kids around here. Be serious please.

Investigate photo and see how things go and compare with your policy.


@CaptainMorgan I’ld like to thank you for your continuous efforts by listening to the customers and incorporate their feedbacks in the development of the game, from short-term to long-term.

The locked war defense is another step in the right direction. Of course there’s the GK gear question. It’s not easy to solve but I think that you can figure it out, we can figure it out, by giving constructive ideas.

Is @Archimides’ “hidden” map idea still part of your long-term plan? I think that would be great, even if it can’t be implemented in a blink of an eye, and bug-free!

Here’s my honest feedback: I absolutely HATE the wars as they are now. Boring. Most of the time. I keep my interests in the game through self-challenges (building heroes in an improbable way, even GK - not yet, and training my teammates).

Again, I appreciate every step you make to make wars more transparent. In the mean time, war is war, not e-sport. Everything that isn’t forbidden in official terms is allowed. This is just a game of course, but if you really think that in the history of humanity, there’s any more-than-2-way war that happened without any behind-the-curtain conversation, well …

There will always be complains, of course, no matter what you do. The top-end will always adapt, and be seen as borderline cheating. The majority don’t even understand between asking for feedback and feature implementations after democracy elections. This is perfectly normal. If not, there would be more entrepreneurs than employees, more leaders than followers. That’s not how our societies are nowadays, never were, and never will be.


That’s a game that is league based is it not?
Such as Olympus Rising where the devs try and implement the fairest way of playing within a league…I was trying to say that. Texas Blood Feeders…sounds like vampire B - movie.

Other games also have anti - feeding (torches) policy FYI


You should ask stava2 :laughing: how he does that .
I remember him being level 117 but he is level 122 now .He also scores very high in wars too.:joy:
Dude has been doing Max skull Odyssey ever since they come out.