Alliance War Crash's

Good evening,

In the present war we have multiple battles going on at the same time. One battle is with (VN Heroes) every fight with any of players the game crashes before the chamber of fortune, this is happening for me and every player in my alliance when attacking them. I might also say that this is not happening in any other battle with any of the other 3 alliances we are currently battling just VN Heroes.  Any suggestions or ideas are welcome.



Seems more like network and connectivity issues here. Where are you from and what sort of a connection do you use for the game?

no its not a connection issue, im from the us. I have a cable connection. I can battle one of there players, crash come back in the game fight in 3 other different battles with different teams then throw in a battle with one of there team mates and the game crashes. like i said this is happening only with battles to there team dont understand it. 8 hrs later and still the same only crashes when you battle one of there team members?

Crashes before CoF are common and it’s a very discussed problem. I’ll lock this thread as there are many topics already where you can talk about this. For example, here it is another recent thread talking about it.

Good luck!