Alliance War difficulty not as expected


IGN is Ducal

not sure if this is a bug or a misunderstood “feature”. 

The expected difficulty (for attacker) or bonus (for defenders) is thought to be:

1 skull = Nil

2 skull = 25%

3 skull = 50%

4 skull = 75%

5 skull = 90%

however through observation this appears to not be the case. 

I’m seeing

2 skull @ 20%

 3 skull @ 30% or so

4 skull @ 60%

5 skull @ 65%

the in game graphics bar is grossly incorrect, they imply what is expected as above but the maths seems very different.

 The pictures below are for a 5 skull battle.  They show that with nearly a 3rd of points the alliance on the left is still behind. 







Could this be looked into please?


@Ducalthe above example of the 5 skull, the difficulty factor is 80% more required for the team attacking the 5 skull:

96230 + 18039 (the difference to bring you level when adding factors) = 114269 (total score of team 1 to equal score of team 2 currently at 205685)

114269 x 1.8 (80%) = 205684.2   - shows the 80% difference

Thanks @Philstar that makes more sense. The percentage is of the each other not of the total like I was doing.  So is 80% the number we should be expecting? 

Personally I think the skull difficulty of them all could do with dropping 10% or so, but as I said on another thread, there should also be some modify % that increases resistance % of an island depending upon how many defensive strikes an alliance is already receiving, maybe 15% additional per additional strike.    So for example

Alliance 1 already have a defensive strike from alliance 2, then alliance 3 also hits alliance 1, they would incur a 15% strike resistance (so a 1 skull would become 15% a 2 skull would become 40% etc) Makes the ganging less effective and removes some politics from the game which is very apparent in TL.

The 15% was an example.