Alliance War Horse

This is a newer alliance it is for new or old members as long as you are active, and are willing to donate and add to our trophies!  I don’t have a restriction for stuff because i think that a good alliance wouldn’t need such things  So come an apply to join comment if you did apply i will do a first come first serve 


Edited so i can put 

7% gold bonus 

6,784 rank so far 

alliance level 4 6/9 members 



my limitations on people are some simple things 

  1. Be Active in earning trophies an donating  That’s It you can be new player or old  Thanks Anovia 

I know that there’s like a million of these “join my alliance” threads, and probably a million more to come. I would prefer it if you leaders could at least give some info on your alliance.


  • Like what gold boost % you have
  • How many members
  • How many trophies you have/collectively
  • Your limitations on what people you are willing to accept

Thanks i edited an added :slight_smile: