Alliance War Issues

Hello all,


There is still a remaining issue in the Wars which has led to a small number of Alliances being kicked out at War start. We are sorry if this has happened to you. Once the War is over we will identify all Alliances which fell victim to this issue, and compensate them.

However, the server is now running in a stable manner, which has allowed us to debug this issue, and we plan to deploy a fix before the start of the next War. The rest of the War should run smoothly, but please inform us of any further issues you have.

- Your Olympus Rising Team

Hi all,

Thankyou for reporting the issues which are still occurring; it is frustrating and disappointing that they have occurred, but now that the server is stable we are able to work on debugging and fixing the problems. We will now attempt to fix them before the start of the next War.

All Alliances will receive compensation of 2000 Gems. Alliances which had their opponent dropout will receive additional compensation. Alliances which lost Torches because of this, will get their Torches back.

Thank you for your continued patience.

- Your Olympus Rising Team

List of known War issues currently being fixed:

  • Alliances eliminated from War immediately.
  • Incorrect “Could not join War” message.
  • Regenerating Fury Points.
  • Strikes displayed as available despite not being available.
  • Resetting VP counts for Spoils of War.
  • Incorrect chat message when having a Strike declared against your Alliance.
  • Incorrect values for Bonus Torch thresholds.

Note: These issues will only be fixed when the next War starts.

Compensation will begin running soon.

The base amount has been increased to 2250. For those of you who are more interested in the Titan Chests you were unable to obtain, rather than Gems, this will be enough to buy 3 Titan Chests for Heroes of your choice (if you choose to spend them this way). We are currently not able to compensate all 1111 Alliances eligible for compensation by adding Chests to your Chest Inventory.

Alliances which could not take part in the War will all be set to having 3 Torches. Those who automatically gained 5 will be reduced to 3, those with -5 will be increased to 3 (the maximum winnable for the War).