Alliance War Most Valuable Persons Rewards

I have a suggestion regarding participation in Alliance Wars… Not all players are 100% committed to helping their alliance secure victory in the Alliance Wars. Yes, players with poor participation can get kicked from their alliance and players who accumulate many skulls do receive chests based on the number of skulls gained, but I believe a better incentive or reward is needed to really motivate and encourage players to want to participate beyond the standard 3 fight minimum. This will surely boost player activity and participation as they will be better rewarded for their efforts in the Alliance Wars. Perhaps a log displaying who has accumulated the most skulls during Alliance Wars could also be displayed on each alliance’s page. This will further encourage players to participate as they will all one to prove their importance and be in with the best of their alliance.

The reward/incentive is open to debate, but I believe a leadership log and perhaps a way for the Leader or General to reward individual players for their committed participation during Alliance Wars would really add another dimension to a great game. That or either a so called pot which then gives random rewards to the highest rated players during a war. Something more rewarding than what is currently received from chest, which are really not all that rewarding or motivational.

Not only will this boost activity and participation, but players will consume more gems due to their hunger for the new rewards. This will in turn surely increase gems purchases. Flaregames surely won’t disapprove of that. :wink:

Just a suggestion. Please add your input.