Alliance war new members should have automatic shield

When new members join during war they are immediatly subject to attack by the opposition yet they are blocked from attacking for 26 hours  would be better to have auto shield for same time to encourage recruitment during war


Nope, better don’t accept players during season. We have seen it all, new members suddenly open their base, you name it. 

Totally agree, but this suggestion should be added anyway, for those who do accept during the war (not that I’m saying that’s a good idea)

Nope, it shouldn’t. You know the risks of someone joining during season, it can be a spy or whatever. There is a reason why he wants to switch or join a team. Loyal players that help a team never switch during a season, they do it afterwards.

Anybody asking to join during war season is a potential risk, so why should flare give a free should for free to them? It’s easily exploited, when war starts, just let members who have a bad base or players who don’t participate leave. Then return and have free shields?  Don’t think so

Nope, a team accepting a member should face the possible consequences. My team changes quite often to invitation only, since we don’t take any risks. And if you played very close wars, you know what accepting could mean. We even lost complete seasons by accepting a weak player, seasons that we otherwise would have won. Even losing more than 20k in less than 5 minutes we have seen.

Bad suggestion. If you want to change alliance do it before or after the wars. No point to do it during the Wars. Flare should add a penalty for those who try to change during Wars like block them until the next Wars so if someone leave a Alliance and want to change he cannot Alliance Join is grey out and must wait 5 or 6 days

The Jumper should be punish like we all wanted since many years

the only downside is waiting after joining 2 days and 12 hours. Why is it like that? Is there any way around this? because if you have 2 alliances, in the better there is no chance of winning, you can jump to 2 to help him - but again you have to wait and no benefit …

Season teams are mapped based on some presumptions. Some statistics before start of the season are used to match teams. Without any penalty, just use enough players to start the season. After season start, all join back. Without a penalty that would be pretty unfair, don’t you think?

You start a season, a player joins. That sounds to an advantage for your team, doesn’t it? So to prevent what we have seen first seasons (that was completely madness, since scored skulls from players leaving even counted), was that a team needed to face 3 other teams in total by players jumping in and out a team. And when you have more than 45 players, you probably don’t need help from that player anyway.

When you lose, it’s because the other team was stronger or that your own members didn’t help enough. Better search for the ones not helping and tell them to help. The benefit from war boosts, so they should help in return for that.


If really you don’t want jumper in middle of the Wars. its the responsability to the leader to change Open or Apply by the other one by invitation only. I remember that was a short fix to this problem but if I remember correctly the majority of people don’t like it.