Alliance war Question

Hello quick question. During war, during a single strike, can you attack the same guy again for extra VP or can you beat each one only once? I dont want to waste fury and then find out i didnt get VP for it

You can attack many times. But the points you earn decrease… 

Once you get a ‘good’ result on someone (close to 100%), you’ll get substantially fewer VP for attacking the same guy again. Usually better to pick someone else then, unless you can really only beat a few guys in the opposing team.

That’s true for attacking with the same  or  with different heroes  on the same island.

In other words: Assuming you can beat many players of the other team, you should attack a different player every time, even with different heroes.

You can attack these same players again for full VP on another island - these stats are kept on a ‘per island’ basis.