Alliance war starting time

Currently, all alliances have the same starting time. For those in eastern US time zone (presumably a large share of the total population in game), the start time for the first war was 4 am. 


This is unfair because leaders/generals from that and nearby time zone cannot be reasonably expected to start war promptly after 4 am. Each single war lasts 24 hours regardless. Hence the starting time will probably be progressively later. At the end, it becomes almost impossible for the alliance to start a war in the last day. In comparison, for those in western and central Europe, the start time works perfectly well.


In the first war my alliance had, only 2 out of the 4 surviving alliances were able to start the last war. And that is unfair. 


My suggestion is to have multiple start times and let alliances choose which one to join.


Thank you.

You should give rank of General of some of your alliance members that live in another country with a “good time” so he can launch / declare attack for you, in the meanwhile you sleep.