Alliance war suggestion

So the main problems people are stating is disparity between size of alliances and Alliances making alliances between each other and owning the map.


So how about we force the change. Instead of each alliance standing on their own they get migrated and join forces with another alliances for the duration of the war… the migration would mix tiers together


example; a top 10 combined with a top 20 (up to 120 kings). its random so you cant pick allies you might have to work with your enemies :slight_smile:


This way the lower kings have other kings they can beat and attack. there is a lower Skull to dis-incentivise high Kings grinding on lower kings.


it breaks up alliances working together and makes the war more interesting.


if 5-10 kings don’t attack it doesn’t matter so much because out of 120 it makes not as big a difference. atm if you don’t get all your kings getting 3 good scores you might loose


Make the maps bigger. so there are more opponents on one map so less likely to have allies and if allies are on map they will want to keep their kings rather then moving kings about between alliances to un balance wars

Actually it is a nice idea



I believe that Alliance Wars won’t be changed this drastically to balance the wars, but the idea does sound interesting!

pretty good idea

It needs some refinement in the details. For example,

///How are things balanced?\\

  • Things could be picked randomly, leading to luck-based wins.

  • Properly, alliances are paired up in groups of 2 so that they all have relatively similar max-members. I.e, max 55 + max 5 = 60, vs. max 25 + max 35 = also 60

///How will the factions work?\\

  • It could be a matter of “you can’t attack one another.” However, what would happen then? 55 would eat 35 and 25, whilst 5 just sat back and did nothing. 35 and 25 would still lose!

  • The right way to do it, is to combine the alliances, and have them fight together. That way, there are always 60 people (max) on both sides!

If you want to do this properly, meaning:

  • Balanced

  • Based on skill

  • Easy to program

Here’s what you do:

The game takes every alliance within a particular fiefdom range, so long as it’s a multiple of 12, and pair them up by alliance level. The highest with the lower, the 2nd highest with the 2nd lowest, etc. this way, each faction should be relatively even-membered. Then, you just add players from each faction to the war roster, rather than just the players from individual alliances. Simple. However, you also have to add a constraint that an alliance cannot join a war if it’s missing more than 3 members, otherwise some Lv.40 trolliance would reduce itself to 8 members and crash, bringing its allies with it.


Benefits to players

  • More balanced

  • Prevents player-formed factions

  • Spices things up. You get to meet new people!

Financial benefits:

  • Wars will be fiercer, meaning more gems!

  • Wars will be funner, meaning more players!

  • Player-made factions will be broken, restoring faith in the war system!

Programming requirements:

  • A slightly more-complex pairing system

  • Adding players to war roster from the created faction list, rather than from their usual alliance list.

  • An additional restraint on being able to participate in wars.

  • Optionally, joint chatrooms.

Of course, you could also achieve most of these things a simpler way, by simply averaging out the two alliances’ members. Namely, the equation is:

Current skulls x {Your alliance - [(Your alliance - Their alliance)/2]}

Wherein the variables “Your Alliance” and “Their Alliance” refer to the number of max members in each alliance. For example, say your alliance has 30, and theirs has 50.

30 - (30 - 50) /2

30 - (-20) /2

30 - (-10)


From their alliance’s perspective,

50 - (30 - 50) /2

50 - (20) /2

50 - 10


See? It evens out, without any severe negative side effects.