Alliance war swarming


Does anyone Participate in a multiple alliance war where one alliance doesn’t get ganged up on? It happens most times and I know it’s extremely frustrating for that alliance. How can one single team manage 6 islands going at once?

Simple solution–in multiple Alliance Wars make it to where that you cannot attack the same Alliance twice.




We have suggested many ideas for this incident. It’s part of the game unfortunately. You need some PR, it’s sad that this is considered a bad thing. Of course getting unfair treatment on a map is not good, I don’t like that, but from the other perspective, it’s a survival mode, tactics, PR and good relationships.

What I like about this, is that over time, in this game, you have to prove that you are a man of your word, and you keep your promises. Sadly some alliances, don’t do that, and get a hate tag often. Naturally looking after your own self, is also part of war, but I personally don’t like doing that. Naturally some times you have to choose one side to hit, but this has to be done in good communication.

Back to your point, you need to choose your fights. High skulls should be more appealing. Make good use of the 85% player VP, which means distribute your VP to other islands as well. Know when to back out of a fight, try to make notes of alliances potential, so that you are aware in following wars, if you can beat a 2 skull or defend a 3 skull against them. Top alliances actually measure a lot, how to distribute for example 10 players on a defending 4 skull, and 40 players on an attacking 3 skull…

This is great to learn the mechanics of war… do not let any lost opportunities. This system wont change right away, make the best of it. Find out leaders on this forum, or Line. You are bound to make some good friendships… you will lose some torches in the process, make some friends and possibly have the upper hand on following wars. Ideally 2 weak teams should always team up vs 1 strong one. Makes the war less boring too.


I agree with half of the things you said, but the other half is just bs. When you’re the one doing the ganging up against other alliances it’s very easy to say that PR is important ahhaha


One alliance can’t get doubleteamed exclusively in the 3 way war unless they’re winning some islands. So it does change things by the 2nd or 3rd day. It’s just kinda how the game works though. If you have two weak teams and one strong team, either the two weak teams are going to attack each other and the strong team picks off whoever they want, or the 2 weak teams work together against the strong team. If you have 2 strong teams and one weak team the strong teams usually eat the weak team and then face off against each other. For as long as this war format lasts, each alliance only has 6 decisions to make. There are limited possible outcomes.


PR is important, that’s a fact. Weather we like it or not, its a fact. So which half is BS?

All suggestions, are pretty generic. Some people may not think of them, others don’t want to get into the community, don’t want to have to install an app, or get to the forums, to find people. That’s a choice, but the fact that all the above helps improve your game experience as part of an alliance, is undeniable to me.

I was part of a very small alliance when I started the game, we ascended from 130th to top 10. During the larger second part of this ascension, we had no friends, none whats so ever, and the reason was because some geniuses thought bullying was nice. Online, there is nothing you can do against bullying, and I would not drop to their level. So I have been in the shitty end of this situation. The fact that I later joined better alliances, is a natural progression, that most gamers here should experience if they stick around long enough… and of course, if they want to.

If there are any other suggestions, that would solve this issue, I am all ears. If you guys want to suggest new war setups, that’s also possible. But that’s a different story. Here I believe the escense is how to fight the status quo, not to change the game. Besides, like I said, if people “just wait” for these changes to happen, they might as well quit the game. I am not saying NOT to suggest new ideas, I would never say that. But in the mean time, try to enjoy the game as you can… don’t hold on to things changing.

Limiting it to 4/6 And 3/4 strikes on the same alliance would be an easy fix and quite successful imo

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Like I said, it’s just a suggestion, while they wait to get implemented, what should they do? That’s the point.

I am still interested in the BS. I would like to improve my post if it seemed like that, or explain it better perhaps.

Now 4/6 or 3/4… perhaps it will limit the number of attacks towards an alliance. But it can certainly be even harder for that team to win any torches. Would you like me to explain why? Any scenario you want to choose, on similar strength teams, or even one of them being the weaker or the stronger… it still so vulnerable to the whole match.

“You need some PR, it’s sad that this is considered a bad thing.Of course getting unfair treatment on a map is not good, I don’t like that, but from the other perspective, it’s a survival mode, tactics, PR and good relationships.”
in practice he is telling you, you have to make arrangements!


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did you think of another suggestion from the “teacher” ??? there are alliances that “survive” for the agreements

Boom has very strong allies in Titan league and it has definitely benefitted them and helped them not get relegated. I think Archimedes meant Boom could probably have more allies if some of their leaders were less confrontational. Good PR. Does that make sense?

I didn’t actually see the picture, or in fact recognize who is who. I found out today, a few hours ago who is playing who, but I didn’t know the poster, so it wasn’t directed at anyone either. It doesn’t matter, my answers were generic. Top teams get 2v1 all the time, but they are not here (usually) to say it out loud. It’s mostly a rumble between the active/talkative players, in the chats. That also gets old.

“We beat you!” - “You were 2v1” ,
“You did it to us last time” - “No, it was only 2 strikes, not the same”
“We beat you 1v1” - “And then you run away”

I wish it was like, “good game this round, we will get you next time”. “Nice tactics there, nice ending” and so on… Toxic is getting us no-where… why do people get pleasure to trash talk, is beyond my understanding. It doesn’t change your ability or standing that’s for sure.


We don’t want any allies the truth be told, we have friends in alliances but when war comes, war should mean war. There is very little sense of achievement in winning TL when some of the outcome was fake. Yes I know this.

So I’m guessing to win TL when the whole season is fake must be absolutely pointless. Makes you wonder why you would even bother playing. I guess players need gems and won’t buy them, but will fix the leagues to profit and win and keep the best blessings endlessly.

I’ m actually not sure how FG can fix this mess. I like the ides of

1 day wars all 1v1. Everyone plays everyone in TL. League placement gives different prizes in terms of gems. Sure the top 3 would always be top 3, but you can’t change that. Least we wouldn’t be 10th every season looking at weaker teams with 10 torches more than us!


Why are you playing? Wouldn’t you be happier playing a different game? You seem to hate this one.

I just feel that when it’s a multi alliance war everyone should have a battle with all accessible alliances just to even the playing field a little bit.
Thanks for the feedback, we’re holding our own as best we can at this point. I’m not sure the PR is as prevelant in the lower leagues as it is in titan league.

we have to also consider all leagues as well in discussion please.


I think that’s why I like the 3 alliance war the best.

I’m waiting for you to quit, then I can rest in peace.

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See, this is why people get on you. You take this way too seriously.

Only a few select people ‘get on me’ but for all I can tell they say the same things from the exact same point of view normally that I sometimes think it’s one person using different e-mail/forum accounts!
Majority I get many likes from many supposedly different people.

I think this subject about war is the most important for all players, even lower leagues hate getting ganged as there is zero chance of winning 100 v 50 players. Ok maybe if they’re hugely different lvls, but that is also a potential floor. The nice league system that was thought up by FG has slowly unravelled to a complete farce. They’ve know about this for a while.
In all truth I wanted to win TL before I left the game, and I have done that, that was my only reason for wanting to win at ‘that’ time. I’ll leave when I am ready, and I don’t play 1/10th what I used to. Why?
No new content, fake/meaningless wars, can’t rise on trophy leaderboard, easy forging makes heroes very strong so have no need to forge anymore, easy oddessy and low costs for all heroes at max lvl, so no need to fight much for resources.

War needs a re -make asap, many in various leagues think so: trophy system needs a remake -most think so. Needs new content badly.

FG have no idea how many older players leave the game. Many new players take the old accounts that are given to them by some alliances and simply get an instant big boost. In reality we know many older players are no longer playing although their account has been handed to somone brand new.


I agree with all of this. But it’s also a video game so I don’t think it’s worth getting too worked up over, personally.

Ok this is weird.

I’m sure this happens in nearly every alliance. I see all sorts of players from the good old days in low level alliances. Sometimes guys just “retire” and join low level teams to play casually and sometimes they give the account away.

Game too easy. Boy I wish we had some kind of continuous challenge… now what could that be… hmmmm. Darn it.

Mea culpa anyone?

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