Alliance war Troop boosts

in offence they are great, but in defense it makes it next to impossible to attack high players with this boost unless to spend a lot of diamonds to win, which makes the games tasteless and boring.


I use bladestorm and soundblast spells in all my fights and I am always concentrating to upgrading them because they are powerful against troops and barricades and in order to defeat this elite arblaster you should have blaze storm and sowrdrain in high levels which requires months of waiting to upgrade them and lots of money,  which makes it hard to defeat the towers with no bladestorm and soundblast.


Flaregames team you made a terrible mistake in this, you should correct this or otherwise most of the players (except the very high level ones) get board and leave this game for good.


DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO something flaregames 

Unfortunetly, there are a lot of complaints on Flaregames. Fortunetly, there are places to post this stuff so it is heard. They have:


Royal Revolt 2 -> General Discussion & Questions -> Suggestions & Improvements,


Post in there so Flaregames and other game members see it.


Good luck for I have not had much :slightly_frowning_face:

Just because you choose to upgrade different spells and not  others like sword rain isn’t flare games fault. Different bases require different tactics to beat. If you can beat bases with elite boosted arblasters than just skip them and find opponents that do not have them. 50% of the players will not have elite boost arblasters and even some of the ones that have them unlocked will not put them in their waves or have a lot of them. Also the elite boost arblasters only last for 5 days for those that did win them. 


Having spell varitety and different base strengths and weakness is a great thing. Currently we have 5 spells that are actually useful and somewhat balanced. Shield, Sonic Blast, Bladestorm, Sword rain, Blizzard. That is a huge improvement from just have the a cookie cutter 3 spell meta. Actually having to use your brain to fight now makes the game more fun IMO.