Alliance war - unbalanced?


I have a bad feeling fighting alliance wars. I really see this is unbalanced. The new war season started and participants are:

  1. Alliance with 95k cups, ranked 450
  2. Alliance with 48k cups, ranked 980
  3. Alliance with 38k cups, ranked 1280
  4. Alliance with 35k cups, ranked 1388 
  5. Alliance with 33k cups, ranked 1400
  6. Alliance with 27k cups, ranked 1765

Summing up: overall 4 times difference in cups between strongest and weakest alliance, and rank difference about 1200. What’s the problem with giving everyone more or less equal chance to win the war, based on their activity? Right now alliance 6 doesn’t even have to bother, they will be gone by the end of day 1. None of the players there have a slightest chance of breaking through anyone from alliance 1 for instance, so they can’t even get their chests. This needs to be reworked!

You have not mentioned Fiefdoms. That’s the primary factor of matchmaking.

Thanks, I wasn’t aware of this. But then, even if fiefdoms count are equal (around 20 all of us have), how is it “balanced”, the setup above?

Also I forgot to mention the number of members in each alliance. IF the strongest alliance has fewer members (although they might be stronger), the alliance scoring system rates it lower. There is 1 by far strongest & 1 by far weakest on alliance map. It may also be that the strongest alliance had a long losing streak.

i have a super unfair war but i forgot about it and just enjoy kicking ass that can not be kicked  :wink: