Alliance war unfair kick out low player

Hi there

sorry about I’m using Chinese version, but I want to escalate unfair alliance war(AW)

see the pictures, there just start the war but I found opponent alliance has already kicked off (or intentionally leave)  a lot of players. and only remain high level players.

I suppose those players were low level, this is quite unfair situation

this could be impact the matching result, I’m not familiar about AW matching system, but lower player maybe help match lower level opponent alliance 

you know what’s gonna happen if this rule is real, and it will destroy lower player confidence, and create a lot of new but dead account.


if so, there are a lot of solution actually.

1 can’t leave alliance when war is preparing, till end of the war. 

2 join the alliance must wait for 2 or 3 days before join an alliance war


There is no matchmaking like you’re describing.  You have an equal chance of getting any other alliance in your league. Leagues are determined by wins and losses, not player level, number of players, or alliance level. 

thanks for reply, as you mentioned “Leagues are determined by wins and losses”

that means intentionally kick out low level player at beginning of war can be helpful to lose less scores.

each alliance need donate by player as much as possible but when war comes, low level player just be trade as a liability, 






It’s a risky strategy. I don’t think it’s very popular, either. 

I would rather lose a war than doing such a thing. I promote fair-play, I practice fair-play and I want everyone to practice it too! It’s the only way a game can have a clean, competitive and fun gameplay experience, for everyone.

I hate cheaters with a passion!

I have noticed several opponents doing this as well so that only about 10-15 players of 130+ remain.  


We we ended up losing the war as only about 5 of us could win any points.


would be nice if you couldn’t kick players during war unless maybe they have gone inactive. Or maybe limit how many you can kick.

It’s a pretty risky strategy to kick that many players, and you run the risk of really cheesing off the players you kick and not getting them back. I mean I wouldn’t re-join an alliance that kicked me during war (unless i wasn’t participating, etc…).

True, but I have a feeling these were alliances with 2nd and 3rd accounts.  They just bring them back after war.  It’s not that widespread but I’ve encountered it enough that I think something should be implemented to prevent it.  Shouldn’t be that hard to do at some point.

Oh maybe. If that’s the case it’s pretty scummy behavior. Drop a dime!

Good idea. Will keep that in mind next time ?