Alliance war updates


Hi Flare team developers, I am really glad about the immense development of this game from past Year April to this January. Kindly take into consideration of my suggestions to improve this game much farther.

  1. Event in which all ally heroes can participate against other ally members , only that the heroes can fight with each other.
  2. Option to build an ally empire where ally gold would be used to upgrade ally defence and option to create waves based on the total count of morale of all players in the ally. For example : 100 morale = 1 morale unit.
  3. Ally defence will have a total of 10 different paths at max lvl. and a total of 10 members at max can defend the entire waves as per assigned by generals., i.e., 3 players fighting in a wave together , and one or two defending players fighting against them in the path.
  4. Option to surf around the empire with the hero.
  5. Option to loot ally gold during ally wars.
  6. A gem treasure house in the ally, so that ally can participate in special events.
  7. Special event like fighting against a single beast of high health and damage, where a total of 30 players of an ally can fight only solo, that is using spells, but no troops.
  8. Ally item inventory, i.e, Heroes can equip those items during ally defence and while fighting against beast during special event.
  9. Based on the outcome of special event, the entire ally will get a max 100% boost on everything that the ally offers, i.e., Doom gate : 20%[previously] 40% [After completely defeating the beast.] 
    Hope you have liked my suggestion. Please feel free to contact whenever you have any doubt about my suggestion. I beg you please implement my ideas for the mega update of version 4.0.0 . Believe me, that’s gonna become awesome???

Also, please add the option to attack alliances at any time using ally food and selecting players of an ally to attack an ally and the defending ally has a team of defending players too only change is that there will be no towers at last when there is solo hero battles  and no troops summonings.

Just accompanied by a pal for each player with spells.

That will be awesome Please implement this on the next update, very interesting

You realized that this is Tower Defense game right?

This is the only suggestion I would really love to see implemented. You can already do so in OR

But believe me, if we can loot ally gold, then it is quite superb to easily upgrade ally. And fun too!!

Flare please add these features which I told above, it will enhance the gameplay overall