Alliance War Win Compensation-

So I would like to say that United We Stand is very upset with what Flare has done with the war on the last day.  We have 7 fiefdoms while the Alliance below Us has 6 and they are the only ones with a war because if the war is too long for the Season on the last day you CAN’T even enter so this has caused Us a problem because the other Alliance is going to win because they will be tied with Us but they have way more skulls since the beginning so they Win OUR Rewards.  It if very frustrating because UWS has worked hard and used over 1 million in Elite boosts to become number 1, We haven’t lost one fiefdom and because of Flare’s poor setup for the last war We lose in 2nd place. 


I and my fellow brethren and sistren are EXTREMELY upset because We expected the war to end in the more common and sensible way of you can launch a way in that short amount of time and it only means whoever has more skulls when the season ends is the winner.


I don’t normally get upset but this is an outrage to me, Dena, Tuulia, and every one of Our members that We lose because Macedonia was able to just barely make the time for the last war and be the only ones to attack.  United We Stand has lost no Fiefdoms during the war, defending and attacked successfully gaining a fiefdom a day and Macedonia has lost to Us once meaning they lost more fiefdoms than Us and only because of the poor last war system We lose OURRR HARD EARNED Doom Gate.


I feel there should be some compensation of the top 3 awards AND, OR a Platinum or Diamond 1st place worth sum of gems in return for Flare’s poor notice of this last day on war times since as far as Dena and I know it wasn’t written like many other rules and flaws in Jona’s original post about Alliance Wars. So please Jona if you see this I know I and my members are furious but would you kindly please contact Flare about a compensation because 1 they would not listen to a lower player unlike an administrator and 2 this honestly is the only thing in the game that would make me hang up my crown, retire my armor and sword, and move my Kingdom-ites somewhere else but I won’t do that to my members so. Please do so and respond to this Jona, and to others I ask if anyone else has had the same situation. and I don’t believe I’m out of place on this.

The things you wrote is in my case: I (leader of alliance) launched the attack in time, before started the “countdown” of War Season and today when i saw that other alliances weren’t able to launch their own attacks, i feel myself lucky because now i have the opportunity to win totally the war from third place now i can go to first place. But also i can complain their efforts to go up to first place and cannot do anything because they could (at least in part), recover some skulls, improve them and so on.


I suggest also like said, to add the last option to send the the last attack, even if there isn’t the possibility to finish it, but add this thing to improve your own overall score skulls !


Gems are the first thing that i thought as rewards when i heard about Alliance Wars, but unfortunately there aren’t but only these new Elite Boosts. I really want some gems…

this is exactly whats happening in my war. we have crushed every opposing alliance, haven’t lost a single battle, offense or defence.


yet now we must settle for second because we aren’t able to declare war today… we don’t even need more fiefdoms to hold our first place… we only need a method to earn skulls but we have none…


so second place is gaining a fiefdom to tie us, plus more skulls to beat us, even though we have already proved ourselves stronger than them in war



sure go ahead and blame us that we were not responsive enough when it came time to declare wars, just keep in mind I live in Canada and this war started at 4AM for me

Guys there is a time difference of 1 hour between war season and our current war season.what you guys suggest we should do in that one hour???

Also don’t forget that there were many of us who were restricted from making any kind of Attack on another alliance, and unable to defend from our attackers the first 17-18hrs of Alliance Wars, due to the problems and issues with the random connection lost every time we tried an attack and look at our attacker. :slightly_frowning_face:

This was surely a rule that the developers expected people to figure out on there own. Like many rules.

It was brought up in my alliance the first day of alliance wars and so we declared war as early as possible.

The biggest advantage in alliance wars was figuring out the rules early and think about the future just like most aspects of this game.



Now that we know this will only affect you in the first alliance war. Now that you know the rules you wil be on an even playing field.


Remember the other alliances started this war season with as much information as every one here.


But Royal Revolt is not a ‘guessing game’! This should have been well explained before the War began.  :angry:


War Seasons with not enough time could still work and:


• Give the fiefdom to the Alliance with more skulls on that season.  :grinning:


• Ignore that Season and leave the fiefdom with current owner, but still allow us to battle on remaining time so we can win more skulls.  :wink:


in my opinion, they just made a wrong choice

Surely a rule or not, like Darkerion said, Royal Revolt 2 is not a guessing game and Flare knows that.  I see your point most times and here CHILD but you have to think that any competition is supposed to list every rule and specificity so there is no confusion and false winnings like this.  What is done may be done but it is still Flare’s job to provide some form of apology or compensation for their fans and players who had no real clue of this senseless rule because most would have to agree that the war should still be launched even hours after the last day; especially only a hour after, that way whoever has the most skulls by the time the Season ends wins that Fiefdom because you don’t need a full 24 hours to fight a War seeing as most players hit 30k skulls within the first 6 hours.


United We Stand may have rightfully managed to win with the aid of USA and Our members fighting Macedonia on Our own with every last grain of bread but people should still either be compensated or the rule changed so that regardless of time a War can be launched and whoever receives the most skulls by the time of the Season ending wins.  It is only fair because Flare did turn their backs on Windows players with no function of free bread videos and especially no compensation for the 4 or 5 days that Windows players were left open to attack when Alliances first came out.  I’m not saying Flare is a bad company but they definitely could’ve handled situations much better at times.