Alliance War with single person

When the Alliance War started, my ally buddies said that ally had at least 8 kings, but the leader just expelled all of them when the war started… this is unfair, wrong and lacking respect. We requeire you to do something about it!

Too bad he is not in our war season, we would have washed his ears.

Having said that, it’s not against the rules,  but I would change them to prevent this. When a team drops under 4 active players, I would remove the limitation of raids against teams doing this (so no limit of 3 raids per player, let teams in war raid him as often as they want). I think he will think twice trying that again when geting hundreds of raids against his base. 

I still would suggest to let that team lose and disqualify for this plus next war season. The fiefdoms should not be lost by that team, but turn into neutral zones. A team can take them by declaring war. So then it’s also strategic.

I’ve tried to raid him, but i’m lower level, and more weak than he… but i’ll advice my buddies to attack and expect it to be eleminated. BTW, thanks so, i’ll follow what you said.

Just go in there and rry to get as many skulls ad possible within 3 attempts. Rest of the team should do the same. Don’t let him get away with it. As a team you can beat him .

That guy is famous for doing that in wars. I have seen many topics on that alliance cheating

I wonder what’s flare’s excuse for letting these issues continue for so long.

@Dena4 I thought “must be 8+ (or 4, I forget) members to participate” was the rule? Or is this a loophole that it only counts for admission time, later there are no rules? Either way it’s not hard to fix, they should do that instead of adding more reskinned pro pals and whatnot.

They changed the rule, since teams dumped all their trophies by dropping players. Sone poor teams ended up with having entire map. That made war seasons impossible for the poor teams who got too many fiefdoms. So those teamswere doomed.

Flare changed the rules and no even one active pkayer is enough. What they forgot, is this trick that the person uses. We once had suchnteam also, after onewar with us the person gave up.