alliance war


we have a new alliance with 9 people and the star (time to next war) is gris . thats mean will not participate in the next war???

I am not entirely sure when it cuts you off, I would assume that unless you have 10 by the time war prep starts you are indeed barred. But, there is also a possibility of you getting an extra day with the actual war being the marker. Hope someone more experienced can offer a better answer.

hello again

it takes at least 8 members to participate in the war of alliances. and we are 9 people and the star is still gray. at the least of an hour the preparations began.


Alliances need to be a certain level to participate in war.If your alliance was high enough level, you would be able to enter the war prep phase regardless of how many players you have. You need to have at least 8 players at the start of war, not the start of war prep. I think the alliance needs to be level 15 to enter war but i’m not sure.

tnx freinds we are in the war. its working.

The Alliance War button is greyed out if the Alliance didn’t take part in the last War, it is not an indicator of whether you will make it into the next one.

I don’t think there is a requirement to enter a Wars others than 8 members. Same at level 1 you can do a Wars. If I remember I have do my first wars with my Alliance at level 12 but I am sure you can do Wars before that