Alliance Wars: Assessments

We are in the middle of alliance wars and I noticed one team we haven’t fought yet is getting 85k+ in every battle. Then I looked at this team in detailed and it looks like 21 out of 23 players is almost an exact duplicate in terms of level, trophies, pets, and everyone is a general and they have 1 leader.  They get all their points in a 2-3 hours period. My assessment is that the whole alliance is controlled by 1 or 2 players. Question is this possible? Thanks as whatever is the case we are looking at probably second as we average around 70k not bad I guess. Our alliance is random players from all over the world. Thanks… Erik 

The alliance name is oO(STBG)Oo   they currently have 34 fiefdoms… Every player has a panda. everyone is a general. they all fight within a few hours. It’s crazy I agree it would be tough to pull off as they would have no time for a life outside of the game. lol

One or two players playing over 20 Accounts, scoring in 2-3 hours and having similar trophies?

Does not sound plausible at all, sorry.

And without the name of the alliance in question it is hard to give any assessment

Ok I see the reply now it wasn’t there before anyway. one of the generic players is igwarn look that player up and you will see his alliance. so far it’s half way through the war an only their top 8 fought… not one skull for the last 6 hours but soon as the other partner in crime logs in who probably controls the next 10 I bet their skull counts will take off. normally my alliance is 34 players from all over so skulls are trickling slowly. not them… now I know why… check it out… }{Ethan}{  is another player in their alliance just in case you can’t find igwarn… thanks…

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Okay, @gudd2go got the alliance now, thanks.
It definitley looks a bit strange. Maybe some second accounts from higher players trying to do a crazy thing?
But not sure what goal they can achieve with this.

Also I do not really understand why the skulls are coming in so quickly as you describe it. It it is only one or two players, it should take some time.


My alliance alliance just completed a war with them. So this is my theory. This team is from france it looks like so I will use french time. So the first player who controls their top 8 players fought I would say between 6pm-7pm. So the war started lets say at 4pm so nothing then in 1 hour they put up 30k in skulls. Then nothing until 10am - 11-30am then next day. Then the next guy who controls their 10-12 middle level players put up almost 40k. The didn’t even make it look good so that second player only attacked 3 players. remember we are 34 and they were random players not even the strongest or weakest. There is one player who was hit Scamper on my alliance I need to get him to confirm the players who attacked him. My guess it was the this alliances lower wave of 83-84 level players… It’s cheap but whatever these two players who control 20 players must have no life… lol… What is the icing on the cake is that second wave/player  all attacked the same player they didn’t even spread it around to make it look good. poor Scamper who lost 35k skulls didn’t have a chance… lol

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